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Have you brought home a belgian malinois or a belgian shepherd dog breeds, or looking for a better name for your four-legged companion?

I totally understand that naming your dog sometimes can become tricky especially for people who are perfectionists by nature (like me). There is always a dissatisfaction and a craving to find the most precise and badass name for your dog.

For this reason, I have rounded up a detailed list of over 200 popular, cool and unique belgian dog names with meanings to make naming your canine friend a lot easier.

Male Belgian Dog Names and Meanings

Male Belgian Dog NamesMeanings
Adrianof water or Sea
AlbertNoble and Bright
AlexisHelper or defender
AlfonsNoble or ready
AlfredWise counsel
ArthurBrave, noble and gallant
ArturoNoble and courageous
BobFamed, bright or shining
Cowboyone who manages cattles
EddyWealthy guard or protector
FilipFriend of horses
FrankyA free man
FreddyPeaceful ruler
HarisGuardian angel
JackyHolder of the heel
JeromeHoly or sacred name
KurtAdvisor or bold counsellor
LouisFamous in battle
MarcGod of war or war-like by nature
MichySuccess comes easy
RaymondWise counsellor or protector
RobertBright and famed
RogerFamous Spear
RonaldRuler, power or advice
ThierryMighty ruler of the people
ThomasTwin or look-alike man
TomInnocence and simplicity
WillyFirm Defender
YannickGod is gracious

Female Belgian Dog Names and Meanings

Female Belgian Dog NamesMeanings
AliciaNoble in nature
CamilleFree-born or Noble
ChristineFollower of Christ
ClaireClear or bright
ClaraBright or famous
Daisyday's eye
DitaRich gift or happy welfare
EllaBeautiful, fairy maiden, adorable
EvelyneDesired or wished-for
HannahGrace, mercy or favour
IsadoraGift of the goddess
JulieYoung at heart
KimberleyFamous bearer or royal fotress
LillianFrom Lily, symbol of Purity and beauty
LisaCommitted to God
MarvinMighty Lord
Marynapertaining to the sea
MelanieBlack or dark
MorganeSea-born or Sea inhabitant
NancyGrace and favor
NathaliaBorn of Christmas day
NellyLight or shining
NickyPeople of victory
ReneBorn again
Tessato reap or gather

Cool Belgian Dog Names and Meanings

Cool Belgian Dog NamesMeanings
AdenAttractive, Good-looking and Pleasurable
AdnanTo Stay or Abide
AgathaGood and Kind Natured
AgnesPure and Holy
AidenLittle Fire or Born of Fire
AndreStrong, Brave and a Warrior
AndrewManly, Courageous and a Warrior
AnthonyFlower, invaluable, priceless, Worthy of Praise
ArionMelodious, name originates from a Greek poet and musician from about 700 BC
AuroraDawn, originates from a Roman Goddess of Sunrise
AxelMy Father is Peace
BellaBeautiful, lovely and precious
Benson of my people
Bentleymeadow with coarse grass
BingoJust a good dog name
BrooklynBroken Land Or Pretty Brook and originates from America
ChevalHorseman or knight
ChrisOne who bears christ
CoraHonest, full of virtue and good
CreeCute and active
DamonTo tame or subdue
DennisFollower of Dionysius, Greek God of wine
DerrallDarling or dearly loved
DerrickGifted ruler
DodieWell loved
DrakeDragon or Snake
Drugistrong, manly, brave
Ellebeautiful fairy woman
ElliotHonest, Bold and Right
EmileEager to strive
EricBrave and eternal Ruler
FabioBean grower
FerdinandStrong and Bold Voyager
FlorentFlowering, Thriving, and Prosperous
GraceGrace of God
HalenCourageous Hero
HarryHome Ruler
HenriLeader of the home
IsabellaScared and pledged to God
IvyEvergreen, Faithful , Trust-worthy
JacobHolder of the Heel
JanGod is gracious
JaydenA grateful or thankful one
JeffreyPeace from God
JeremyGod will uplift or appointed by God
JoelleJehovah is God
JohanGod is gracious
Jordanone who descends
JoshGod is my salvation
JulianYouthful or Young at heart
KeithWood or forest from the battleground
KellyBright-headed or a warrior
KevinBeautiful, handsome and noble by birth
KimBold Family or Royal fotress
LaraHappy, Cheerful, bright and well-known
LaurenHonor,wisdom and fame
LaurentThe bright or Shining One
LucasLight, bright, Illumined or shining
LucyBorn at dawn, Bright or of light Complexion
ManuPower or authority
MarcoWar-like or a famous bearer
MarcusRelating to Mars or warring
MarieStar of the sea
Matthiasgift of God
MorganSea captain or defender
NeveRadiance, beauty or comfort
NicolasVictory of the people
OlivierOlive planter symbolizing fruitfulness and beauty
Pascal to easter
RaquelInnocent or blameless
Richard Brave leader or king
RobertBright and famous
RomeoPilgrim to the Rome
RonnyPowerful, mountain of trength or victory bringer
RonseA rose or flower, beautiful
Ryanlittle king or descendant of the king
SamGod has heard
SandrineProtector of man
SarahJoy, happiness or triumph
ScoobyGift of joy, kindness, and laughter
SébastienPraised or honored
SmithPowerful, lovely and peaceful
SonjaThe Wise one
SharonA fertile plain or just fruitful
SteffyCrown, honor or reward
StellaStar or bright
Suzannebeautiful or graceful lily
TylerDoorkeeper or tile maker but could mean handsome
VincentVictorious or Conquering
WilliamsWill helmet but could mean a resolute protector
YariPhysical, mental and spiritual strength
ZacGod always remember

Military Belgian Malinois Dog Names

Tremora state tremble or quake
BlackhawkA nickname for NHL Chicago
SergeantA high rank in the military.
Laserlight amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation
Smokyfilled with smoke
CasparKeeper of treasure
Henrichhome of power
GunnarA brave Army man
Liamto climb like a vine
Brendathe edge of a sword
Cooperbarrel maker
BlackieBlack beauty
BerkPowerful man
Griffinof a person, fierce in nature
MiloAn army man
SandroProtector of man
VeeraFull of courage
SolomonMan of peace
RexA king or ruler

Belgian Dog Breeds

  • Belgian Malinois Dog
  • Tervuren
  • Belgian Shepherd
  • Belgian Mastiff
  • Schipperke
  • Papillon dog
  • Talbot hound
  • Phalène
  • Griffon Bruxellois or Brussels Griffon
  • Bouvier des Flandres
  • Bouvier des
  • Ardennes
  • Bichon Frise

Tips for Naming your Dog

  • Go for names that you truly like and enjoy calling even in public. It can be based on some cultural heritage, unique values the dog possess or just something that sounds really great. I could go for something like “Cowboy” if I have a Catahoula Blue Heeler Mix because both are well-known for herding cattles.
  • Shorter names are more fun and easier to pronounce. Your dog would master his name more readily if it does not have too many syllables that are hard too memorize.
  • Give your dog’s names that can easily grab their attention. Use the name on your dog to see his response for few days.
  • Avoid names that have a command ring to them, for example Jump can be confused as John by your dog. To prevent such be more selective in the way you name your dog.
  • Try to never change your dog’s name if he is already used to it. If it warrants that you must change it, use easy names as a replacement.

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