What Is The Best Furminator For My German Shepherd?

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German Shepherds shed all year round. A de-shedding tool can help reduce loose dog hair in the home. The Furminator claims to reduce unwanted shedding by up to 90%, making it a practical comb for your German Shepherd.

But what is the best Furminator for your German Shepherd? And how does a Furminator work? This article will explore the different Furminator types and help you find the best one for your canine companion.

What Furminator Should I Use On My German Shepherd?

What Furminator Should I Use On My German Shepherd?

The Furminator has a product specifically for dogs and comes in small, medium and large sizing. You should always select the large-size Furminator deShedding Tool for adult German Shepherds. Furminators also come in short and long-haired pet options. 

Can I Use A Furminator On A German Shepherd Puppy?

Can I Use A Furminator On A German Shepherd Puppy?

German Shepherd puppies will not start to shed until they are four to six months old and their adult coats come in. They usually begin shedding from this point, but you should not use the Furminator until they are adult dogs. 

Until then, you could focus on getting them used to grooming by using puppy-friendly brushes and shampoos. It might take a little while for their adult coat to grow in, so a de-shedding tool is not needed until they are at least a year old.

How Does The Furminator Work On A German Shepherd?

The Furminator works by going underneath your dog’s topcoat, removing unwanted hair and encouraging the natural shedding process in the layer of fur beneath. It controls the shedding as stray hairs gather in the Furminator rather than dropping around your home.

German Shepherds have what is called a double coat. They essentially have two layers of hair: the topcoat and the undercoat. The topcoat has stiff bristles that form a waterproof layer to keep the dog dry and protect the undercoat. The undercoat usually has softer fur that provides insulation to keep the dog warm. 

Your German Shepherd’s undercoat will frequently shed throughout the year. The Furminator helps control that process by allowing unwanted hair to be picked up from the undercoat before it falls off your pet.

Why Do German Shepherds Shed So Much?

Not all breeds have double coats. Some breeds, like terriers, only have topcoats and rarely shed. However, German Shepherds usually have an undercoat, which means they can shed all year round. They shed throughout the year, but particularly when the seasons change.

German Shepherd puppies will not usually shed until their adult coat has grown. In the summer, adult dogs will shed as they do not need the extra layer of heat protection as much. As they head towards the winter, they’ll also shed so they can grow their winter coat.

How Can I Tell If My German Shepherd Is Short Or Long Haired?

How Can I Tell If My German Shepherd Is Short Or Long Haired?

A short-haired German Shepherd will always have an undercoat and a topcoat. Both coats together are usually no more than an inch. A long-haired German Shepherd’s total hair length will be around 3 inches long. Their coat will also appear softer and silkier than a short-haired breed. 

If your dog’s hair sticks out from its body, it probably has an undercoat. Some long-haired German Shepherds will not have an undercoat. You can also check if your dog has an undercoat by seeing if they have a silkier layer of fur underneath a stiff, bristly layer.

The Furminator is intended for dogs with an undercoat, as this is the layer that sheds throughout the year.


German Shepherds shed throughout the year, which means that they shed a lot. A Furminator is an excellent idea to combat unwanted shedding in your home. The best Furminator for most German Shepherds is the larger dog breed Furminator. These are unsuitable for puppies, as their adult coat may not have grown in yet.

The short or long-haired version depends on what type your German Shepherd is. If you have a long-haired dog, it’s essential to check if they have an undercoat. If they do not have an undercoat, they will not shed as much, and the Furminator is not suitable for them. 

If you want to stop your German Shepherd’s loose hairs in the home, use the large Furminator to help control your dog’s hair shedding.

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