Bulldog Pug Beagle Mix: A Complete Guide To The Bull Puggle

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Also known as the Bull Puggle, the Bulldog Pug Beagle Mix is an unusual mixed breed of dog that was created by crossbreeding three purebred dogs, viz English Bulldog, Pug, and a Beagle. These cute-looking pups are jovial, gentle, and dignified and can be a sweet best friend to the right person.

Even if you are not an experienced dog owner, this mix will be a suitable extra member of your family. They can co-exist cordially with other dogs and are not aggressive in any form. Still, they’ll need proper socialization and training to bring the best traits out of them.

It’s not surprising that this breed cannot be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) because they’re not pedigree dogs.

In this ultimate guide, I’ll give you a comprehensive idea of the Bulldog Puggle Mix including their history, looks, health problems, and grooming. You’ll definitely be able to decide whether or not this breed is right for you at the end of this guide.

Breed Origin of Bulldog Pug Beagle Mix

The history of a dog breed may seem less appreciated, but it can provide us with essential information about the dog, such as their natural tendencies, the original aim for breeding the dog, and their reputation.

The Bulldog Puggle cross hasn’t been around for very long, and like other mixed breeds, it’s difficult to say when they were first bred.

Since there isn’t sufficient information about this designer dog’s past, we may look at the parent breeds’ histories to see how their origins may have influenced the final cross.

Bulldog History

Bulldogs share a common ancestry with the mastiff, however, there is not so much resemblance between the Bulldog and their mastiff-type ancestors. Bulldogs were originally bred in England for the purpose of a blood sport known as bull-and-bear baiting and then, they had a larger and heavier body and were more ferocious.

Following the prohibition of bull-baiting in 1835, the Bulldog did not fall out of favor as thought but was bred into the docile, friendly, and affectionate dog that we have now. Upon and after the importation of the Bulldog to America, several bulldog clubs were formed in England and America. Eventually, the bulldog gained official recognition as a distinct breed by the American Kennel Club in 1890 and now ranks 12th in popularity.

Poodle History

While there are a lot of theories regarding the true origin of poodles, the most acceptable is that they hail from Germany. To support that, the name poodle was coined from the German word “pfudel” which translates as ” splashing in water” possibly denoting their excellent swimming skills and retrieving abilities. The poodle is one of the oldest known dog breeds with depictions in ancient Egyptian and Roman artifacts.

Back in France, poodles were bred into toy and miniature types apart from the standard. The French used the standard poodle for duck hunting, while the miniature poodle helped to sniff out truffles in the wood. The toy poodle served as a companion dog for mostly the upper class. Today, the poodle had gained an aristocratic position as the national dog of France.

The Kennel Club of England and the American Kennel Club were the first to register them in 1874 and 1887, respectively.

Beagle History

The history of the Beagle is not well-known but some beagle-like dogs can be found in some documents that date back to 400 BC Greece and 200 AD England. It’s still a subject of speculation where the name “Beagle” came from but some historians believe that it is a French word begueule, meaning open throat, or from the Gaelic word beag, which translates to small.

The modern Beagle was created in Great Britain for game hunting during the 1830s. Thanks to an Essex reverend named Phillip Honeywood who in an effort to make larger beagles for hunting, formed a Beagle pack that’s considered to be the bedrock of the modern breed. His works were perfected by John Thompson, who sought to instill good looks and better the beagle’s hunting abilities.

In the 1840s, the Beagle was already present in the United States and Americans started breeding them into smaller dogs for the purpose of rabbit hunting. A year after the foundation of the American Kennel Club in 1884, the Beagle was registered as a distinct breed by the same kennel club.

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Bulldog Pug Beagle Mix Appearance

When it comes to a dog developed from 3 different breeds, it is virtually impossible to make an accurate prediction of the traits the resulting offspring will embrace. Each parent has distinct physical qualities but not without several similarities. We can pinpoint some of those.

The Bulldog often has a large, square head with an undershot lower jaw, round eyes and flat muzzle. Their deep-wrinkled face is uniquely designed and they have short ears folded like roses. This breed is well-muscled with a low body and thick limbs.

Just like the Bulldog, the pug has a wrinkly face, round eyes and an undershot lower jaw. However, it’s easy to tell their difference from the Bulldog. They have a flat black muzzle and moles on their cheeks called beauty moles, giving them a comical appearance. Their body is thick and muscular with a lot of soft, loose skin.

The Beagle looks different from the 2 aforementioned breeds. They are sturdy, compact dogs with long, square-shaped muzzles, brown eyes and floppy ears. The Beagle is a powerful dog in a small body. Their expression is often described as pleading.

Since these 3 breeds have short, smooth, double-layered coats, there’s no doubt the Bulldog Puggle will inherit the same. But the colors may vary from the red, white, brindle, fawn like in Bulldogs to black or fawn like in Pugs or red, lemon, white, blue, fawn, tan like in Beagles.

How Big Does A Bulldog Pug Beagle Mix Get?

It is safe to say that the size of the Bulldog/Pug/Beagle mix will vary depending on which parent they favor most. But if you are expecting a medium-sized dog then the bull puggle is best suited for you. You still have to keep an open mind about the exact size since it’s unpredictable.

The average height of the Bulldog is around 12 to 15 inches whereas the Pug ranges anywhere between 10 and 13 inches in height. The Beagle stands between 13 to 15 inches.

A Bulldog weighs around 40 to 60 pounds whereas a Pug weighs anywhere from 14 to 18 pounds. The average weight of the Beagle spans between 18 to 30 pounds.

An adult Bulldog Pug Beagle mix will be a strongly built, medium-sized dog that stands as high as 12 to 15 inches and weighs between 22 to 36 pounds.

However, this is an estimation because some Bull Puggle Mix might be larger or smaller. Also, French Bulldog mixes tend to be heavier than their English counterparts.

Bulldog Pug Beagle Mix Temperament

Bull Puggles are not pedigree dogs and their temperaments can vary wildly, but they’re similar to their parent breeds.

The Bulldog Puggle Mix combines the courage and affection of the Bulldog with the playful and sweet nature of the Pug, perfected by the happy, inquisitive and energetic drive of the Beagle. These astonishing pups are gentle, lovable and excellent companions for the family and kids. However, they tend to have an occasional stubborn streak.

No doubt the Bull Puggle will be a great furry friend for apartment dwellers. They are satisfied being house dogs but will need daily exercise to keep them mentally and physically sound. Though If your pooch is more like the Beagle, he may be a bit adventurous. Both the Bulldog and Pugs cannot tolerate much extreme temperatures and are happiest indoors.

Whether your pooch will be more laid-back and couch-loving like the Bulldog and Puggle or super active, highly vocal and fun-loving like the Beagle is a game of genetics and a bit of luck. Beware that you can have a loud-snoring pooch if the mix favors more of the Bulldog genes.

The Bull Puggle loves other dogs and animals but you can never tell whether the prey drive of the Beagle will be dominant. In such cases, small animals may be at risk. This breed may have control over his prey drive if they are well socialized with those animals from puppyhood. However, you should not let them wander around off-leash in an unconfined area.

Leaving your pooch in lonesome for long hours may warrant unwanted behaviors like chewing, excess barking and jumping. Nevertheless, all the Bulldog Puggle Mix needs from their human companion are attention, a couple of belly rubs, and reciprocation of their love and they’ll be ever loyal and peaceful.

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Bulldog Puggle Mix Health

The Bulldog/Pug/Beagle mix is a relatively healthy dog with an average life expectancy that ranges between 10 to 13 years. The Bulldog has a naturally shorter lifespan but can have the benefit of a prolonged lifespan in this breed due to hybrid vigor resulting from the widening of the gene pool.

The bull puggle is a fairly new breed therefore, it is better to find out the weaknesses of the parent while looking for potential health problems in this dog. Make sure you buy only from a reputable breeder who can present you with the health clearances of both parent breeds and assure you that they have been tested for specific conditions.

It’s important to educate yourself on the various diseases associated with the parent breeds as having such information will help you to devise preventive measures beforehand and improve your dog’s well-being significantly.

Common Health Problems In the Bulldog, Pug and Beagle
BulldogPug Beagle
Difficult breathingPug Dog EncephalitisObesity
Patellar luxationRespiratory issuesEpilepsy
Brachycephalic Airway SyndromeCanine hip dysplasiaMeningitis
Hip Dysplasia Patellar DislocationEye Problems
Congenital Heart DefectsLegg-Perthes diseaseHypothyroidism
Skin problemsSkin infectionsPatellar Luxation
Dental diseasesHemivertebraeOtitis Externa

Feeding and Grooming Requirements of Bulldog Pug Beagle Mix

To have a healthy pooch, feeding a balanced diet is essential. Hence, always select high-quality dog food for your pooch. You can supplement their diet with vitamin-rich vegetables and healthy treats. Keep them away from any human food or table scraps.

Because of the Bulldog traits, having a pooch that loves food and overeats is not impossible. In situations like this, he may be prone to obesity. Therefore, only give them a calibrated amount of food appropriate to their age, size and activity level.

The Bulldog Puggle Mix will have a short, smooth, and glossy coat. They could vary from average to heavy shedders depending on which parent is favored more — Pugs usually shed a lot. However, maintaining the bull puggle’s coat is not necessarily a herculean task.

Brushing them once a week and monthly bathing will be sufficient. If they have wrinkles on their face, clean daily with damp clothes or baby wipes, and ensure the wrinkles are dried after bathing to prevent microbial growth in that area.

The rest comprises other routine grooming practices like teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and regular veterinary checks.

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Exercising and Training Your Bulldog Pug Beagle Mix

Even if you end up with a mixed breed that is lazy and sleeps a lot like the Bulldog, you need to move them away from their comfort zone on a daily basis and exercise. You may not need long hours of exercise but it’s very necessary to prevent excessive weight gain.

Thanks to the quick learning abilities of the Pug and Beagle, your pooch will easily pick up basic commands but you’ll still need to be a bit patient with your dog because this doesn’t happen overnight. They will respond well to positive reinforcement, which involves rewarding them for doing things correctly.

Like with every other canine, the earlier you start training them the better. Start socializing them at a young age so they can get accustomed to different sights and people. Choose a special name for them, call them by that name repeatedly and offer them rewards for each time they respond.

Lastly, potty training, leash training and other basic training are important for your furry friend to form positive habits and become a well-behaved pooch.

Bulldog Pug Beagle Price

The price of a brand new Bull Puggle pup is not fixed, you can expect to pay up to $900, but this can be significantly less if rescued from a local shelter. These organizations usually simply ask for a payment to cover a percentage of the medical fees, ensuring that your new puppy arrives happy and healthy.

However, you can find a lot of designer dog breeders online by a simple search but do your due diligence to find responsible breeders that care about the welfare of their pooch and follow the right practices.

Is the Bulldog Puggle Mix Right For You?

As a social, comical and outgoing breed, you’ll have a devoted companion but they may tend to be attention seekers like pugs. The Bulldog Puggles are family and kid-friendly and would have no problems being a little home buddy. Though their exercise demands are not huge, they should not be neglected.

Because they are not too large, even-tempered, easy to handle and affectionate, they’ll be perfect for first-time owners. If your pooch is like the beagle, he can become too playful, and energetic but this can be balanced out by the laid-back and lazy nature of the Bulldog.

You don’t have to worry about your pooch getting along with other dogs. They have a big heart and are very welcoming.

Do not expect this dog to hunt, retrieve or guard because they were bred to be a loving family companion and not a working dog. Just give them a home full of love, fun and comfort, and they’ll reciprocate with devoted affection.

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