Dachshund Border Collie Mix: Info, Pictures, Personality, and Care!

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The Dachshund Border Collie Mix is a designer dog resulting from a cross between two very active and intelligent breeds, the Dachshund and the Border Collie. Other names for this breed include Border Weenie or Weiner Dog-Border Collie mix. They are small to medium-sized puppies with a bicolor or tricolor brindle all over them.

This is a very unique hybrid with a big personality. The Border Weenie is obtained by breeding a male Dachshund and a female Border Collie, via IVF. The apparent size and body shape differences between a Border Collie and a Dachshund are what give their progeny their distinctive appearance.

High intelligence, tremendous energy, and athleticism characterize the Border Collie side of this cross. Collies are smart and can be independent occasionally.

Dachshunds, on the other hand, are little, spunky, and eager to please. They are fiercely devoted to their owners. Despite their diminutive size, doxies have unmatched personalities.

Dachshund Border Collie Mix Facts
Breed TypeDesigner breed
Average Height8 - 20 inches
Average Weight12 - 45 pounds
Life Expectancy10 - 16 years
Coat TypeRough; smooth; wiry; medium length
Coat ColorBicolor or tricolor brindle of - black/white, brown/white, black/brown/white
TemperamentIntelligent, energetic, athletic, playful, courageous, clever.
Exercise NeedMedium; Physical and mental
Suitable ForFamilies with or without families, single households
Price$600 - $1000

Breed History Of Dachshund Border Collie Mix

Sadly, there isn’t much information out there on the precise genesis of this mix, as it is with many of the recent new crossbreeds that have originated from the designer dog movement.

By studying the histories of the two parent breeds, we can still learn a lot about the history of this cross.

The Dachshund is a breed that originated in Germany, where it was primarily employed to hunt badgers.

They proved to be the ideal canine for exploring underground badger tunnels and forcibly expelling their inmates because of their long backs and short legs.

Due to their appealing appearance and nature, Dachshunds are becoming wildly popular companion dogs all over the world. They are also referred to as the German dog!

The Border Collie was developed toward the end of the 19th century, in the rugged border region between Scotland and England. They were bred to herd and manage sheep.

He is still employed today to herd sheep on farms and ranches all over the world because of his boundless energy, endurance, and working drive. He is considered the world’s best herding dog.

They were developed specifically to move sheep while running up to 15-25 miles per day for days on end. They were also developed to endure severe weather conditions.

3 Little-known Facts about Dachshund Border Collie Mix

  • Border Weiner is renowned for their herding instinct – Any moving object, including children, automobiles, bicyclists, cats, and squirrels, will be herded by a Border Weiner. He is renowned for his “eye,” or fierce gaze, which he uses to command his flock. A securely enclosed yard is crucial because if he is let to roam in the neighborhood, he might become a serious issue. The Collie Doxie’s herding tendency can be triggered by the boisterous play of young children, which can provoke him to nip, nudge, and bark.
  • Border Doxies tend to show aloofness towards strangers – The Dachshund Border Collie is known to shy away in the presence of unfamiliar people or animals. This could be attributed to their natural caution but Collie Doxies must be regularly but progressively socialized with and taught new sounds and sights to prevent this. Certainly, you’ll be rewarded with a friendly and loyal extra member of your family.
  • Border Weiners love to be mentally challenged – The Border Collie is widely considered to be the most intelligent dog breed. It ranks 1st in Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, being part of the top 10 brightest dogs. You get unmatched intelligence when you cross with another intelligent dog like the Dachshund. The Border Collie Dachshund will constantly challenge you to go further, pushing you to your very limits. Their cunning will work against you since they constantly try to keep you one step ahead of you by predicting your next course of action. No matter how far or deep underground their goal is, once these dogs set their minds on anything, they will almost surely achieve it.

Appearance and Size of Dachshund Border Collie Mix

The outcome of breeding these two purebreds together is, to put it mildly, uncertain. They may exhibit traits from both parents, or they may be a perfect hybrid.

What we know is that these pup’s parents are dissimilar in height and weight, so their mix’s physical features might be in-between those of the parents.

The Collie Doxie is a small to medium-sized dog. Usually, they are about 8 – 20 inches tall at the shoulders, and they weigh up to 45 pounds.

This mix typically has rough, bicolor fur that resembles the brindle pattern found in Collies: white on the bottom and black or brown on the remainder of the body. Although these are extremely uncommon, they can also be tricolored. The Border Weenie typically has two coats, like its sheep-herding forebears.

Dachshund Border Collie Mix Personality

The personality of Border Doxies is a mashup of their parents’ traits.

Typically, Border Collies and Dachshunds are known for their dogged perseverance and they tend to show a stubborn streak at times. Both parent breeds are naturally intelligent, energetic, and hardworking little beings that are fiercely devoted to their masters.

Puppies of Border Collie Dachshunds are going to be courageous and always desire to stand guard over their owner. Due to their intense prey drive and high energy, they will chase everything that moves, including cats, mice, and cars.

Despite their friendly personalities, Border Collie Dachshund Mixes are alert and wary of strangers making them great watchdogs. This mix will deter intruders from entering. Your entire household will always be protected and comfortable in their company since they will accomplish this by barking loudly or perhaps by fighting the intruder.

Dachshund Border Collie Mix Health Issue

Dachshunds crossed with Border Collies will inherit the health conditions shared by their parents, as is the case with the majority of crossbreeds. In light of this, the following are some of the main health issues you should be aware of with this hybrid breed:

  • Hip Dysplasia – Malformation of the hip joints is brought on by the frequent canine condition known as hip dysplasia. Reduced activity, trouble rising, and aversion to running or jumping are a few symptoms.
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) – This is the most severe back issue and musculoskeletal illness that affects the Dachshund breed. The spinal discs of the dog expand or rupture into the area surrounding the spinal cord. The symptoms include hunched back that reveals strained muscles, reduced activity level, decreased appetite, lack of bladder and bowel control, etc. Your dog’s lifespan may be shortened by IVDD. Visit your veterinarian right away if your puppy experiences any of these symptoms!
  • Idiopathic Epilepsy – Idiopathic means that the cause of the epilepsy is unknown. This is an inherited form of epilepsy and the most common cause of seizures in canines. Abnormal electrical activity in a dog’s autonomic nervous system will produce symptoms such as dilated pupils, vomiting, or excessive salivation. Focal seizures in other areas of a dog’s brain may cause uncharacteristic behaviors such as restlessness, unexplained fear, attention-seeking, or unusual anxiety.

Recognizing the symptoms that your Border Collie Dachshund cross exhibits can help you decide when and how to respond to them. Your hairy youngster needs adequate care if you want them to grow up strong and healthy!

Dachshund Border Collie Mix Basic Requirements

For them to be in good health, your Border Doxie demands the proper attention and care. A dog’s life can be extended with wholesome food, grooming, and activity. Therefore, dog owners must feed these in the prescribed amount.


First and foremost, provide your pooch with a high-quality dry food. Border Collie Dachshund dogs tend to eat a lot. So you should monitor how much you give them each day. Make sure your Border Weenie has access to clean water to keep them cool and hydrated.

It’s not a good idea to overfeed any dog because it can make conditions like hip dysplasia worse. Instead, make an effort to switch your dog on to a raw food diet.

Due to Collie Doxies’ high level of activity, these pups require nutritious treats or snacks in between meals. Find out which food brands are best for your Collie Doxie by doing some research.

Coat Care & Grooming

Your furry friend will shed a lot, which will make grooming difficult. Throughout the year, give your Dachshund Border Collie mix a regular once-weekly brushing. They need to be brushed every day during the seasons (Spring and Fall).

If your Collie Doxie spends a lot of time outside, bathing them once a month is recommended. After that, bathing them once every three months, if not more, will do.

Trim their nails at least twice a month. To maintain their oral health, they must brush their teeth at least twice a week.

Check your pet’s feet, nose, mouth, eyes, and skin for sores, rashes, or infection-related symptoms including redness, tenderness, or inflammation when you groom them. You can identify any health issues early on thanks to your thorough weekly exam.


Although the Border Collie Dachshund mix is bright, they are not at all simple to train. Combined with the Dachshund’s pigheadedness and the Border Collie’s high intelligence, this cross makes training a nightmare. It is, therefore, advised that you either pick a different breed or hire someone else to train the dog if you have no prior experience doing so.

The Border Weiner is cunning in its attitude so much that it constantly tries to keep one step ahead of you by predicting your next action. Being one step ahead of them is the only way to successfully train them. And it’s not a simple task, either!

They pick things up quickly, but just as quickly as they pick up good habits, they also excel at developing negative ones, so be sure to keep an eye on these lovely puppies. Use rewards, gifts, and praise as positive reinforcement throughout training sessions!


Your Border Weiner needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation every day, regardless of the location, and he needs an owner who can give it to him. Owners who are unaware of what they are getting into may find this to be a significant hardship. Make sure you can give a Border Doxie a suitable outlet for his inherent energy and sharp mind if you’re thinking about getting one. Dog sports are a good substitute if you don’t have a farm with sheep.

Get ready to spend at least 45 minutes a day exercising with the Dachshund Collie. A further 30 minutes should be set aside for cerebral exercises, such as retrieve or flirt pole because these cunning little gents appreciate having their brains challenged.

Similar Crossbreeds

If after much consideration and you decide that the Dachshund Border Collie is not a good fit for you and/or your family, there are numerous other similar cross breeds you can choose from.

Below are a few irresistible mixes you might want to check out –

What’s The Price of Dachshund Border Collie Mix Pups?

Costs range from $600 to $1,000 for a healthy Dachshund Border Collie mix puppy. For premium-quality puppies with paperwork and a distinguished pedigree, you may expect to pay up to $3,000 or even more.

To ensure you adopt or buy a healthy puppy, take your time to research and sort out a trustworthy breeder. This could save a lot of money and headache later in the future

Final Thoughts

The lively Border Collie Dachshund hybrid breed requires vigorous labor and exercise to keep them happy. You both have a great chance of getting along if this is something you can provide him.

Remember, It is not wise to leave kids alone to play with the Collie Dachshund without supervision. When you bring home a new Collie Weiner, start by introducing them gradually to the dog to prevent injuries to both children and dogs as well as to deter the dog from displaying undesirable, though natural habits.

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