Dachshund Catahoula Mix: All About This Rare Designer Dog

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The Dachshund Catahoula mix is a breed resulting from a cross between a small male Dachshund Wiener dog and a speckled female CatahoulaLleopard dog. Interbreeding done the other way round can lead to high risk delivery and it’s strongly discouraged.

This designer breed combines the active, stubborn temperament of the Dachshund and the calm, loyal temperament of the Catahoula pure breed. It is an excellent and charming dog that is loved by those who own it.

With its smooth dotted coat, the Dachshund Catahoula mix makes an strikingly adorable canine to look at.

Dachshund Catahoula Mix Facts
Breed typeHybrid
Average Height8 - 22 inches
Average Weight35 - 82 pounds
Lifespan14 - 17 years
Coat type/colourShort, dotted coat with tan, blue, black or brindle markings
TemperamentLively, Active, Easily bored, and
Attention loving
Shedding levelModerate to Heavy
Health problemsHip and elbow dysplasia, Diabetes, Liver problems, Eye problems
Grooming NeedsCoat cutting should be done 2 or 3 times weekly.

Regular ear cleaning.

Bi-weekly nail cutting.
Suitable forPeople with enough time to spare

Families with children

Single people
Price$500 - $900

Breed Origin of the Dachshund Catahoula

There isn’t much to know about the origin of the Dachshund leopard dog since it is a relatively new designer dog, and since the exact time when the crossbreeding of both purebreds started cannot be pinpointed. So, let’s turn to the history of both dog parents, the amazing Dachshund and the striking Catahoula leopard.

The word “Dachshund” literally translates to “badger hound” since the dog was used by German farmers to chase down and hunt destructive badgers who hid in underground burrows. They were also trained to scent and hunt wounded deers, rabbits, and prairie dogs. The Dachshund is a dog designated as a “lifer” by dog owners because of its enduring lifespan. During the Second World War, the Dachshund was a symbol of German propaganda.

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The Catahoula Leopard dog comes from one of the purest lines of dog breeds in North Central Louisiana. The name “Catahoula” was derived from the Choctaw native Indian language and it means “sacred lake”, which tells how the doggy descended from its native American ancestors that lived in the lake area for centuries. The leopard dog is a progeny of breeding from a variety of native American dogs – Bloodhounds, Mastiffs, Greyhounds, and native red wolves.

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Dachshund Catahoula Mix Looks and Aesthetics

The Dachshund Catahoula leopard dog hybrid is a genetic mix of both the Dachshund wiener dog and the Catahoula leopard dog, they are usually a combination of the traits of both purebreds. They have the speckles of the Leopard dog on their coats but also the long backs and the short legs of their Dachshund genes.

Another striking feature of the Dachshund Catahoula Mix is the prominent webbing of their toes with their oftentimes long tails. These come from their Catahoula parents. The latter also gives the canids their piercing eyes ( that could be pale glass blue, brown, amber, or green or even “cracked” in which they show two different colours) and a gait that is like a horse’s jog.

The doggy’s coat colour could have tan, blue, black, brindle, yellow, or chocolate markings. They have a short coat that is dotted with spots akin to those on a leopard.

How Big Can A Dachshund Catahoula Mix Get?

The small adult Dachshund stands at a height of 5 to 6 inches while a typical adult Catahoula may stand as tall as 20 to 24 inches at the shoulder. 

The Dachshunds  weigh between 16 to 32 pounds while the average adult Catahoula, on the other hand, weighs between 50 to 90 pounds.

Hence, the average height of the Dachshund Catahoula mix is usually between 8 to 22 inches while their weight lies somewhere in between, not too big for a Dachshund but not too small for a Catahoula, so just about 35 to 82 pounds.

Dachshund Catahoula Mix Temperament

The Dachshund Catahoula mix is an active dog that is very sociable and playful around people, especially kids. These four-legged besties can be very inquisitive, not to mention very adventurous. They love to wander hence you should only let them run loose in a fenced-in yard. Also, keep an eye on them.

These dogs tend to be stubborn and aggressive but with proper training, they are attention-loving pooches. Do leave your Dachshund Catahoula mix alone for a long time because they get bored easily and can get very destructive. So you, as a pet owner, should tailor your lifestyle to their needs and give them all the attention they require.

The Dachshund Catahoula leopard dog mix comes from a line of hunters on either side, so they are very active watchdogs who are keen observers of their surroundings. They can be reserved around strangers but are very affectionate and loyal to their human parents.

They are spunky, working athletes and like to be given tasks to do. They may have loud barks because of their Catahoula ancestors who were said to bark like wolves.

Dachshund Catahoula Mix Health Considerations

All dog breeds are at risk of developing genetic health disorders even though some breeds are more prone to certain kinds of health problems than others. The risk of health issues usually increases the dogs grow older. If you’re looking to get a Dachshund Catahoula pup, your breeder should be able to give you a health guarantee on your puppy.

This particular hybrid dog carries what geneticists call the merle pattern gene and the piebald pattern gene (usually from their Catahoula side) each of which is known to be associated with deafness. They may also develop health problems like hip and elbow dysplasia, diabetes, liver problems, eye problems, and jaw abnormalities.

The Dachshund Catahoula mix comes from a line of long-lasting dogs and may live for up to 14 to 17 years. When you bring them into your family, you’re stuck with them for a very long time.

Taking Care Of Your Dachshund Catahoula Mix

The Dach-houla are late maturers since they can take up to two or three years to mature physically and mentally.


Feed your hybrid pup the standard ration of dog servings, which is 1.5 to 2.5 cups of either dry or wet dog food (raw food diet is the best option) daily divided into 2 or 3 smaller portions. Avoid overfeeding your dog to prevent obesity and potential cardiac disorders.


Sometimes knowledge of your dog breed doesn’t help you to decipher if your dog is a moderate or heavy shedder; the leopard dog Dachshund has a short coat and can be either of the two.

Grooming scissors are required to cut loose hair strands around the coat regularly to avoid heaps of fur around the house. Generally, coat cutting should be done 2 to 3 times a week.

Their floppy ears should be cleaned regularly to avoid the early onset of hearing problems. Their nails should be cut every 2 weeks so they don’t grow too long and become injurious.

Exercise Needs

Better a tired dog than a bored dog. A tired dog is a good dog. These are popular sayings of dog lovers. It’s always important to give your Dachshund Catahoula doggy adequate exercises to ensure that they are not idle or bored because they are spunky and active dogs. They usually get destructive when bored and their Dachshund genes may kick in and cause them to dig excessively into just about anything.

The Dachshund Catahoula likes to be taken on long walks or hikes outside of the house. Take them to the park and let them play with other dogs and kids.


Dachshund Catahoulas are very intelligent, inquisitive dogs and may prove somewhat difficult to train. They like to be alpha dogs and usually need a trainer with a high hand to get them to do what they need to do. They also usually have a high prey drive (because they have hunting genes) and can chase smaller dogs or pets. But they do love positive reinforcement. So you must praise your doggy or give him a good treat after a good training session as a form of encouragement. Socialize your doggy with other dogs as well as other people to ensure proper training.

Dachshund Catahoula Mix Puppy Cost And Breeders

Many dog breeders specialize in this kind of designer dog. And they may breed them for different purposes such as hunting, show, or sport.

Breeding is usually expensive, however, because the breeders put a lot of time and energy, socialization, and veterinary care to ensure the pooches turn out well. Always look out for good and hygienic breeders when you want to buy.

The Dachshund Catahoula mix is worth quite a sum, costing between $500 to $900 for a pup. This can vary based on your location but also depends on the grooming, health care, and feeding expenses because breeders, of course, want to be profitable.

Animal rescues are also great places to acquire healthy whelps. It’s a cost-effective way to acquire a pooch. If you’ve never checked the animal rescue in your area, you may never know whether they have a healthy Dachshund Catahoula mix up for sale.

Similar Mixed Breeds

Other Dachshund and Catahoula mixes that may be of interest to you are:

Pros and Cons of Dachshund Catahoula Mix

Just like any other dog, whether purebred or hybrid, the Dachshund Catahoula Mix has its pros and cons which will help a lot when making the big decision whether or not to buy the pooch.


  • As sociable canines, the Dachshund Catahoula mix tends to be friendly around other dogs.
  • They are great family dogs known to be affectionate, playful and protective of their humans.
  • When it comes to alertness, the Dachshund Catahoula can gladly be graded A1. This trait makes them great watchdogs.


  • You can’t outrule stubbornness when describing the personality of a Dachshund Catahoula mix. This trait can make them a bit more difficult to train.
  • It has a strong prey drive which could be a problem for small pets except when they are socialized with them puppyhood.
  • It tends to become a nuisance, romping, chewing and digging things when separation anxiety kicks in.

Who is the Dachshund Catahoula A Best Fit For?

Considering the best and worst traits of the parent breed, the Dachshund Catahoula Mix may not be suitable for just about anyone.

Both the Dachshund and the Catahoula are known to be natural barkers, hence, they are a perfect fit for anyone looking for a great watchdog. However, apartment dwellers may not find this trait as beneficial since it could become a nightmare for their neighbors.

Furthermore, the boisterous spirit of this pooch makes it suitable for families with kids as the hybrid would match the kids’ playful attitude with its active nature. But it’s important that you supervise their activity with kids as the Catahoula’s herding instinct could make them nip at the heels of your children.

If you don’t have enough time to spare with this breed, you’ll be making a huge mistake by bringing them home. The Dachshund Catahoula mix is highly sociable and cannot thrive in his lonesome. Expect their rowdy and destructive tendency to come into play when left alone.

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