Dachshund Pug Mix: Is The Pugshund Right For You?

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Often portrayed as the perfect family pet, the Dachshund Pug Mix is a designer dog which comes from a cross between a purebred Dachshund and purebred Pug. This rare breed is a combination of loyalty and a dry sense of humor.

At a glance, you could spot this cute & smart dog both by appearance; a muscular canine with a healthy, shining nice coat. It is hard not to fall in love.

Nicknamed the Pugshund or the Dachshund Pug, the Dachshund Pug mix is a highly affectionate dog & a real companion to its owner. It is curious like the Dachshund and clingy like the Pug. The Dachshund Pug is a quick learner. When properly socialized, it is a real asset to the family. It is quite chummy, plays a lot, and is not hostile or yappy all the time.

The Dachshund Pug Mix tends to have the facial features of the Pug – a short & square muzzle, wrinkles, and a slightly flat face – and the body of the Dachshund parent – a long body, with short legs & a short haired coat. However, these features could vary from breed to breed.

Ultimately, the Daug is known for having a coy temperament, hearty in nature and appearances, and can win hearts wherever they go.

Dachshund Pug Mix Facts
Breed TypeDesigner breed
Average Height8 - 13 inches
Average Weight15 - 25 pounds
Life Expectancy12 - 15 years
Coat TypeShort to slightly long
Coat ColorBlack, brown, silver, tan, or fawn
Shedding LevelLow to moderate
TemperamentAffectionate, sweet, intelligent, devoted, charming, stubborn, playful.
Suitable ForLaid back families, couples, those with older children in the home, singles, and those seeking a relaxed dog.
Price$500 - $3000

Where Do Dachshund Pug Mix Come From?

Little is known about the origin of the Dachshund Pug Mix. This is because it is a rare and recent breed. However, we can comfortably trace the background & history of the two parent breeds.

Pug Origin

Pugs have been in existence for thousands of years. They originated in China where they were companions of the Imperial Court and ruling families. The Pug pets were highly valued by the Chinese Emperors & were lavished with luxury & guarded by royal soldiers. In the 16th & 17th centuries, these dogs found their way into European courts & became popular through the reign of kings and queens down to the 18th century. Pugs arrived in the United States during the 19th century & eventually made their way into family homes.

Dachshund Origin

The origin of the Dachshund dates back to 17th century Germany.

The Dachshund was bred to hunt badgers. Its elongated body & short legs permit entry into tunnels.

They were courageous & strong, which gave them the strength to conquer the residents & drive them up the hills.

The Dachshund’s German connection made them popular during both World Wars. However, they have been beloved companion dogs since the mid-20th century.

Canine Mixed Breed Controversy

As a recent endeavor, crossbreeding has become a controversial topic for dog persons.

There are lingering fears about the health risks to both the parent & the offspring when practicing crossbreeding. Many believe they are less healthy than their purebred counterparts. But this is not always the case. In purebred dogs, both parents have to carry the recessive gene for their offspring to have a chance of inheriting the defect. So, it is highly improbable that crossbreeds will inherit those defects although they are not completely off the hooks.

To market this designer puppy, profit-driven breeders exploit buyers by giving these pooches fancy names. If people are in it just for profit, the risk is the welfare of the animals.

Unlike pedigree dogs, crossbreeds have no breed standards. So, even legitimate breeders can’t create the perfect dog. This is because of a huge pool of genetic materials to draw from & there’s no guarantee what traits the offspring will have.

Dachshund Pug Mix Appearance


The Dachshund Pug is an unpredictable crossbreed when it comes to appearance and nature. Nevertheless, we can get a glimpse of what it looks like when we examine the parent breeds.

Generally, the Dachshund Pug is characterized by a big, round head, wrinkled face, pug-like curly or straight, curved tail & a slim to muscular build. The body can match that of the Dachshund – elongated with short legs. Its face is not as flat as the Pug parent. This means that it has fewer breathing issues compared to the Pug. The muzzle can be small or medium-sized with wide dark bulging eyes.

Height & Weight

Pugshunds have short legs, large torsos, and flopped-down round ears. They are small to medium-sized canines. The average Dachshund Pug Mix weighs about 15 – 25 pounds. They could weigh more, however. They stand 8 – 13 inches tall. The crossbreed can be slim while some are a little more muscular like the Pug parent.

The Dachshund Pugs’ stature may vary from the standard height or weight range. If the miniature pugs or miniature dachshunds are bred together, then this mix can be as small.


The Dachshund Pug could take after the Dachshund and the Pug coat types. The coat type of the Dachshund can vary from the long-haired to smooth-haired & wire-haired. The Pug, however, has a fine, glossy coat.

Therefore, the Dachshund Pug mix can either be a fine & glossy or wiry & smooth coat, or even a long-haired coat.

The coat color of black, cream, brown, red, fawn, grey, wild boar, and chocolate can be remarkably evident in any of these crossbreeds.

Like the Pug parent, a possible black face mask is common in this mix.

Life Expectancy Of A Dachshund Pug Mix

The Dachshund Pug will require adequate exercise, tailored to his size & age, and regular vet visits to live a happy life.

The lifespan of a Dachshund Pug Mix is generally the same as its parents. The life expectancy of the small to the medium-sized dog is between 12 & 15 years.

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Dachshund Pug Mix Temperament

Pugshunds are gentle canines with some of the most appealing qualities among lap dogs. They are among the most devoted & loyal dogs ever. You can be sure to have them by your side always.

The common not-so-good trait that these two parent breeds share is stubbornness. With this mix, it is advised that you consider the training requirements before bringing them home.

Aside from being extremely devoted to its owners, they are friendly & laid back. In other words, they are content with laying on their master’s laps. The Pugshunds are attention-seeking puppies. They crave the company of their owners or caregivers so much that when left alone for a long period, they can become destructive. Certainly, they have serious anxiety & separation issues.

The Dachshund Pug mix is very protective & extremely cautious of strangers. This makes them excellent watchdogs, a trait they acquired from the Dachshund parent. While a few might be aggressive once they notice an unfamiliar face, however, they can lower their guard & become friendly when they understand that the stranger means no harm to the family.

The Dachshund Pug gets along with the kids. Their petite nature makes them great playmates with children. With early socialization, they rapport with other dogs as well as other animals. They have a natural tendency to dig and an irresistible urge to chase pets like the Dachshund.

Whatever trait or personality this mix might possess, the Dachshund Pug mix is an adorable and pleasant pet to keep around.

Dachshund Pug Mix Health Problems

It is common for designer dogs to be physically healthier than their purebred parents; however, you should always do some research if you are interested in learning what your new puppy may inherit from his parents.

If you’ll be a potential owner of a Dachshund Pug, here are a few of the disease conditions that are common in this mixed breed.

  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome – This is a common condition in Pugs and their mixes. This is due to their angular or flat-face structure. This structural abnormality is characterized by an elongated soft palate, stenotic names, a hypoplastic trachea, & everted laryngeal saccules. What this means is that your Dachshund Pug will have difficulty breathing in situations of exercise, stress, or heat.
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease – This is common in Dachshund breeds. If the Dachshund Pug inherits the elongated body of the Dachshund, it is prone to this disease.

This devastating spinal condition can lead to chronic pain, incontinence, and paralysis. Treatment varies depending on severity but surgery (or even euthanasia) may be required.

  • Bloating – occurs when the dog’s stomach is full of gas, food, or fluids, which makes it difficult for it to move. This is an emergency condition that causes dangerous problems, including a harder time breathing, a tear in the wall of their stomach, etc.

Your dog may show signs that its stomach hurts. It may act restless, drool, look anxious, have a swollen stomach, etc.

Other health conditions include –

  • Cushing disease
  • Cataract
  • Epilepsy
  • Deafness
  • Allergies
  • Skin problems, etc.

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Taking Care Of Your Dachshund Pug Mix

Your Dachshund Pug Mix needs adequate care in terms of a balanced diet, proper grooming & regular exercise.


Give your Pugshund high-quality food regularly. This should consist of healthy fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, & minerals.

As the food is tailored to their needs, you can be sure that they can live a healthy life. As your dog grows from puppyhood to adulthood, the food requirements will change too.


The grooming need of the Pug Dachshund will depend on what type of coat the crossbreed inherits.

Generally, the Pugshunds are low-maintenance doggies. It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to keep them clean.

Of special attention is the wrinkled face & folds of the Dachshund Pug. Owners should clean them thoroughly to avoid bacterial or fungal growth. Bathing should be done properly to preserve the natural oil on the skin and prevent them from developing skin-related issues like dandruff.

Ears should regularly be inspected and cleaned once a week. The nail should be trimmed appropriately. Their teeth should be brushed 2 or 3 times a week to avoid tooth decay and tartar buildup.

Exercise & Training

The Pug Dachshund doesn’t require a lot of exercises. They might be energetic but they have low exercise requirements.

Outdoor activity in the dog park or a short distance walk is enough to meet their daily exercise needs.

If your pup is leaning toward the Dachshund side, it will require more patience & training. It is important to begin socializing your Dachshund Pug in its first months.

Positive reinforcement can work on Pug and Dachshund, which makes it easier for owners to train a Pugshund. Use treats, gifts, and praise as your positive reinforcement techniques.

Should You Get A Dachshund Pug Mix?

Overall, the Dachshund Pug Mix is best suited for laid-back households or those seeking a relaxed puppy. They are energetic dogs who require your presence in their everyday activities for them to be healthy and happy.

The Dachshund Pug is a loyal pet. It is smart, friendly, and adorable, and is a fantastic choice for single couples, and families with children. They do not demand a lot of care & maintenance and may be stubborn during training sessions.

When it comes to attention & affirmation, these crossbreeds top the list. The Dachshund Pug thrives on your love & affection and sticks to you come what may. If you’re looking for such a dog, then the Pug Dachshund Mix might just be an excellent choice for you!

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