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Now you’ve meant your four-legged friend face-to-face, and your pet needs a name. Take a good look and get to know your dog before putting a permanent name on him or her.

If you’re wanting a good name that fits the dog but specifically starts with an “I” as the first letter, consider these dog names that start with “I”.

While a lot of names can be used for either a male or a female dog, some are definite masculine or feminine in nature. Others can be modified to sound more boy or girl-like if preferred.

Male Dog Names That Start With I

Male Dog Names That Start With I

1. Iggy

Iggy is a cute name with a hidden meaning. In addition to being a solid traditional name meaning fiery one, on the internet it is slang that means to ignore. It is fitting for a stubborn, headstrong dog or one that lazily won’t listen.

2. Ian

The name has an Irish Scottish history, but its meaning is actually of Hebrew origins. Ian is a beautiful name that stems from the Hebrew meaning God is gracious, or the Lord is gracious.

3. Irwin

Maybe your four-legged wonder loves the water. If so, this name may be fitting. It is actually an English name that means Sea friend. As cute or distinguished as the name sounds, however, it also means boar friend.

4. Irving or Irv

Another water-related name is Irv or Irving. The name comes from Gaelic origins and means green or fresh water.

5. Ivan

Perhaps your pet is of Russian descent. If so, Ivan will be fitting since it means a Russian man, specifically a soldier. Ivan is a perfect name for a Black Russian terrier, Russky Toy, or a South Russian Ovcharka.

6. Ike

The name Ike is short for Isaac, Isaiah, or Isidore and means laughter. However, a more recent definition for the name Ike simply refers to masculinity. On social media like Snapchat IKE means Dude.

7. Igor

If your dog is warrior-like in appearance, Igor may be a fitting name. The name is of Russian origins and even has a Norse feel to it.


8. Ice or Iceman

Maybe your dog reminds you of a character from a famous movie, Top Gun, where a main character was named Iceman.

The name refers to a man skilled in traveling on ice or one who sells or delivers ice. Obviously, it holds a more Stoic meaning as well to indicate that someone has nerves of steel or is cold as ice.

Female Dog Names That Start With I

Female Dog Names That Start With I

1. Isabella

A very beautiful and traditional name, Isabella means God is my oath. Sometimes, it is shortened to Isa which means the salvation of God, or simply Isabelle which means God’s promise. Either way, this name denotes a blessing.

2. Inga

While it seems to fit dogs of Scandinavian breeds, Inga is a name with Norse origins. The name means guarded by Ing, a Norse god.

3. Ilana

A beautiful sounding feminine name, Ilana is of Hebrew origins. It basically means tree and is given to girls that are born on a specific Jewish holiday celebrating trees.

4. Ima

The name Ima comes from Japanese origins. It means present, now. It can be pronounced with a long or a short “I” sound.

5. Inez

Inez is an “I” name that comes from the name Agnes. The name means pure or chaste. Could be fitting for a white dog or one that has the behavior of an angel.

6. Irina or Irene

Both forms of this name mean Peace. Whether your pup is truly calm or you’re hoping they will be, this is a great name choice.

7. Irma

Maybe the dog completed your family. If so, Irma is a great choice for a name. Complete or universal is the meaning of the name.

Names Based on the Bible, Color, States, Countries, or Nature

Names Based on the Bible, Color, States, Countries, or Nature

Finding something that has meaning to you and your family is a great place to start for finding a name.

Biblical Names

Names like Isaac, Isaiah, Israel are some great “I” names that refer to the Bible.

Color Names

Indigo or Ivory are just a couple names related to color that start with “I”.

Geography-Based Names

State names like Idaho, Indiana, Illinois refer to a special place. Maybe it’s a place you got the dog or where you live.

Country names like Ireland, India, Italy, or Italia are great names that relate to a country. It could indicate the dog’s origins of breed.

Floral Names

Floral names like Iris or Ivy are a beautiful way to connect your dog’s name with nature.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose a name that perfectly fits the way the dog looks or acts, or choose a name with other meanings, their name is what they will answer to and how they will become known to friends. Choose from many dog names that start with “I”.

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