Dog Names That Start With P

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You got a new dog! Congratulations! You probably went to great lengths in choosing the right pup for your family. Researching breeds, temperaments, and level of care probably played a part in your choice. Now comes the hard part. Choosing a dog name!

Crowning your new pet with the perfect name can be almost as daunting as naming your first born child. There are so many factors involved. Size, gender, markings, color, and personality are all things to consider. 

You may prefer a regal, majestic name. Perhaps you want to go with a cutesy, fun name. Maybe you want a traditional name. If you’re  more adventurous, you may want a name that suits your lifestyle. You may even prefer a theme or certain flow surrounding your household when it comes to names.

Everyone in the family must (or should) agree. That can be tricky if you have a 4-year-old who wants to name the dog Poo. Maybe a spouse that wants Prada, and you want  Pete. There are some ways to narrow it down. One way would be to pick a letter. 

Do you have a favorite letter in mind that would start off with your pet’s name? If that letter is “P”, look no further. No matter what style of name you’re for, if you want it to begin with “P”, you’re sure to find it below. A cute addition could also be to add a title like Mr., Ms., or even Dr. to your pet’s name. Who would melt upon meeting a furry Dr. Pickles? 

We’ve broken up the list into female, male, and gender-neutral names. 

Female Dog Names That Start With P

Female Dog Names That Start With P

• Penelope                    

• Penny

• Peyton (for football fans)

• Pia

• Pinky


• Pudding

• Pam

• Pilar

• Pita

• Princess

• Peggy

• Polly

• Prada

• Phoebe

• Paris (the country, Hilton, Jackson)

• Pearl

• Paisley (multi-colored)

• Peacan (sand colored)

• Precious 

• Petunia

• Peppa

• Paloma (very cosmopolitan)

• Pauline

• Prima

Male Dog Names That Start With P

Male Dog Names That Start With P

• Palmer

• Pablo

• Perry (Tyler Perry fans)

• Paxton

• Percy

• Porter

• Penn

• Pace

• Plato 

• Poe

• Prince

• Phil

• Pilot

• Phantom

• Phineas

• Pete ( a classic)

• Primo

• Pierre

• Pit

• Poncho

• Pagan

• Pesto 

• Puck

• Peter Barker (too cute)

Gender Neutral Dog Names That Start With P

Gender Neutral Dog Names That Start With P

• Parker

• Piper

• Presley 

• Poppy

• Pepper

• Phoenix (maybe a Doberman or shepherd)

• Peanut

• Pickles ( Basset hound)

• Porkchop ( picturing a pug)

• Piglet 

• Pip

• Pookie

• Potter

• Pumpkin

• Pooh

• Punky

• Pez

• Puddles

• Poet

There you have it. Our list of dog names that start with P. We hope you find it helpful and inspiring. No matter what you decide, the name you choose should make you happy. So take your time and consider all the factors. 

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