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Naming your dog often holds a lot of meaning that goes beyond simply picking a name at random. Deciding on a dog name that begins with “Q” will probably leave you with some clever and unusual choices.

Finding a name that goes with the breed and markings of your specific pet is fun. It’s also always a good idea to pick a name that can be shortened or has one or two syllables to make training easier. When you’re calling the dog’s name, you don’t want to have to constantly spew out a mouth full hard-to-pronounce of letters.

Here are some of the most popular and a few unusual dog names that start with “Q”. While many of the names could be used interchangeably for male or female dogs, some of them are specific to gender.

Male Dog Names That Start With Q

Male Dog Names That Start With Q


This name sounds distinguished, or perhaps reminiscent of a Medical Examiner from a television show of the 1980s.


Quico is a Spanish word meaning boy.


As in Don Quixote. It is a Latin word that refers to armor for the thigh.


Has a Norse background meaning, “from the man’s estate”. For a girl dog, try the name Quenby, which means, “from the woman’s estate”.

Female Dog Names That Start With Q

Female Dog Names That Start With Q

Quiche Lorraine

While Quiche could be used for either a boy or a girl dog, if you add the full part, making it Quiche Lorraine, it’s more fitting for a girl. Yes, as in the breakfast or brunch food. But, it is a cute label for a dog especially one of a yellowish color that resembles the food.

Queen or Queenie

Refers to female royalty. If your dog is of a majestic breed, this could be very appropriate.


The word Quint refers to five. When you add the fancy feminine sounding ending of “tessa” to it, it means fifth harvester. Maybe the pup was from a litter of five.

There is a famous actress named Quintessa Swindell. Maybe you’re fond of her work, or maybe your dog reminds you of how she looks.


This name actually sounds a bit masculine, but the origin refers to a mom. A Gaelic word meaning from the maternal side.

Cute Generic Names That Start With “Q”

Cute Generic Names That Start With “Q”


Perhaps short for Squirt. This name would especially fit a small breed dog.


A Chinese word meaning bright. Any Chinese breed would be suited for a name like this. Or, any dog that has brightly colored fur or is super intelligent would do as well.


It sounds like a special jewel, but it comes from a Latin word meaning yellow. Naming a Collie or other dog with yellow in its fur would be perfect.


An Irish word meaning graceful, strong, or well-made. Obviously, any graceful dog, perhaps like a Greyhound, would fit this name.


Is of Scottish origins basically describing a location. A Scottish Terrier may fit this label.


Derived from what became a religion, the root word means to shake. Hopefully, your dog isn’t trembling. But, a dog who dramatically shakes off water after a bath would fit the name.


Does your dog look deep in thought as if pondering the next novel? Think of a quill pen, and Quill may be the perfect name.


A Celtic word meaning intelligent


Maybe your dog is a little whacky, and the name fits.


This name may remind you of the Mexican restaurant chain with a similar name. But, it is an Australian word meaning good.


Pretty self-explanatory.


Quad refers to four. So, this name is really fitting for almost any four-legged furry friend. It is short for quadrangle, a four-sided courtyard often used at college campuses.


Quicksilver is another name for the metal mercury. It literally means living silver. The name is perfect for a gray, or silver-coated dog especially if the pup is fast.


The word is a combination of the words quasi-stellar, or star like, and a radio source. It’s reminiscent of the stars of the galaxy where extremely large amounts of radiation is produced.


A quest is a long search. Maybe your pet loves to go on adventures or travel. Or, maybe you had a long quest in finding the perfect dog.


To quibble is to have a small argument over something insignificant or isn’t worth the disagreement. But, it makes a cute dog’s name.


A name meaning strange or unusual in an old-fashioned or charming way.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to naming pets, “Q” is not a common letter to use. So, choosing to name your dog with a “Q” name is going to make your dog’s name stand out. Select dog names that start with “Q” that fit your dog’s look, breed, and personality.

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