Choosing The Right FURminator For Your Labrador: The Best Option

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The most ideal furminator for labs is the the FURminator undercoat deShedding Tool for Short Hair Large Dogs.

A FURminator can be an important tool if you have a pet lab. Labs are a large dog breed and they shed a lot. The right tool can help ensure you keep shedding under control. Using a tool like this you can avoid your pet dropping fur all over your floor. 

It can also help keep the animal comfortable and stop loose fur irritating their skin. 

But what FURminator is right for your lab? In today’s article we’ll discuss:

  • Why you need a FURminator for a lab
  • What is a FURminator
  • The Best FURminator for labs
  • How to use a FURminator on your lab

Why Use A FURminator For Your Lab

Why Use A FURminator For Your Lab

You may want to use a deshedding tool like FURminator if you have a pet lab. Labs shed all through the year. However, they will also “blow” their coat twice annually. 

During this time, you’ll notice they shed more than usual. You might spot big clumps of fur on the floor. Or, you could find hair detaches when you stroke them. Don’t panic, this is natural.

The common signs for shedding are between winter and spring. 

Labs have a top layer of fur as well as an undercoat. This double coat is designed to keep them the right temperature year round. The undercoat keeps your pet warm while the top coat is for protection. 

As well as shedding a lot twice per year, labs shed a lot anyway. To keep it under control, they need to be groomed consistently. 

A deshedding tool like a FURminator can be the best option. 

What is a FURminator?

What is a FURminator?

FURminators are branded tools designed to keep a dog’s shedding under control. There are lots of different FURminators available to purchase. So, it’s important to choose the right one for your dog. 

If you use a FURminator or a similar deshedding tool, you can stop your dog dropping fur everywhere. 

The Best FURminator For Your Lab

If you have a lab you might want to try the FURminator undercoat deShedding Tool for Short Hair Large Dogs. This item is designed specifically for dogs between 51-90 lbs. That means it’s a great fit for the typical lab. 

It’s also the best option for coats that are less than 2 inches. 

This tool can get rid of 90% of loose hair from shedding. The tool has a steel deShedding edge. This is designed to reach through the topcoat and remove any undercoat hair that has fallen loose. 

This avoids cutting the skin of your furry friend or damaging their top coat. A skin guard also prevents the device from digging into the animal, providing extra comfort. With a curve edge, the device is designed to match a lab’s body shape and natural build. 

The device has a button to release the hair easily. Once you’re finished you can press the button and easily deposit all the hair. 

It should take about twenty minutes to defur your lab when they are shedding. This Furminator has an ergonomic handle. You won’t have to worry about getting sore completing this chore.

Best Deshedding Tool For Labs

The best deshedding tool for labs is an essential grooming accessory for Labrador Retriever owners. Labs are known for their thick double coats, which can shed heavily, especially during seasonal changes. To effectively manage their shedding, a deshedding tool is necessary. The ideal tool for labs would be one that effectively removes loose hair from both the topcoat and undercoat without causing any discomfort or harm to the dog’s skin.

It should have a sturdy build and be equipped with high-quality, stainless steel blades that can penetrate through the dense fur. Additionally, a deshedding tool with an ergonomic handle would make the grooming process easier and more comfortable for the owner. Regular use of the best deshedding tool for labs will help minimize shedding, promote a healthier coat, and reduce the amount of loose hair found around the house.

How To Use A FURminator On A Lab

You can use the FURminator on your lab at any time. However, for best results, aim for after a wash or when drying. 

Before you brush your lab, check for bruising, sores or skin conditions. This will make the process painful and you will need to speak to a vet first. 

To use the FURminator, treat it like a brush. Move it over your pet’s coat towards the direction for hair growth. Start at the head and move to the back of the animal. Be gentle and take care around sensitive areas like the stomach. There’s no need for too much pressure here. 

Pay attention to signs of redness or irritation. If your lab’s skin does get red during brushing, stop immediately. 

Furminator For Labrador Reviews

The Furminator is a grooming tool that has gained popularity among Labrador owners seeking to manage their dogs’ shedding. Labrador Retrievers are known to have a dense double coat that requires regular maintenance to avoid excessive shedding. Labrador owners often turn to the Furminator for its ability to efficiently remove loose hair and reduce shedding. Reviews for the Furminator for Labrador Retrievers have generally been positive, with many owners praising its effectiveness in reducing shedding and improving their dog’s coat condition. The tool’s stainless steel edge easily reaches the undercoat, safely removing loose hair while leaving the topcoat intact.

Furthermore, Labrador owners appreciate the Furminator’s ergonomic design and its ability to minimize discomfort for their dogs during the grooming process. In conclusion, the Furminator has gained a favorable reputation among Labrador owners due to its efficiency in managing shedding and overall effectiveness in improving coat health.


As you can see choosing the right FURminator is all about thinking about the size of your lab and type of coat they have. Luckily, there’s a FURminator specifically designed for short-haired, large dogs. 

This is likely going to be your best option to keep your animal comfortable and your floors clean of fur. 


How Often Should You Deshed Your Lab?

It is recommended that you deshed your lab about 2 times every week for at least twenty minutes. During ‘blow out’ periods you may need to spend more time than this. 

What Size Furminator For Labrador?

The ideal size Furminator for a Labrador is Large. Designed specifically for their thick double coat, a Large Furminator effectively removes loose hair and reduces shedding. Regular grooming with the appropriate size tool can help keep your Labrador’s coat healthy and minimize excessive shedding.

Which Furminator For Labrador?

The best Furminator for Labradors is the Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs. Its specially designed stainless steel edge easily removes loose hair and reduces shedding by up to 90%. Regular use helps promote a healthier coat and reduces allergies caused by pet dander.

Do Labs Shed More As They Age?

Labs can shed more as they age because the lifespan of their hair will be shorter. 

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