FURminator: The Ultimate Tool For Every Dog And Cat Owner?

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Cats and dogs will typically shed their excess fur in mass quantities twice a year. The “blow out” period will take about three to four weeks. 

This process is natural and healthy for the animal. It keeps them at the right temperature and helps their skin remain clean. However, it can be a nightmare for pet owners. Pet owners who are tired of seeing clumps or dog or cat hair covering their floor must find the right tool. 

That’s where FURminator could be the ideal choice. 

In this article we’ll explore:

  • The FURminator brand
  • The products they sell
  • The key features 
  • Choosing the right tool for your pet

The FURminator brand 

The FURminator brand 

FUrminator is a brand for pet products and pet care tools. They are designed to ensure pet owners can easily keep their animals well groomed. According to the company, using the tools will deliver professional grooming results while keeping a pet well maintained at home. 

The full range of products covers:

  • Brushing 
  • Deshedding 
  • Bathing 

However, the brand is largely known for its collection of deshedding tools. These tools can be used to reduce the amount of hair that a pet sheds throughout the year, whether it is a dog or a cat. 

The company aims to allow pet owners to personalize the care of their pet. The idea is to choose products that match the specific needs of your animal, by breed, size and type. 

Available Products

FURminator has a wide range of products for pet owners to choose from. Each type is designed to make the maintenance process easier. 

Brushes & Combs

Brushes & Combs

Brushes and combs are available for large, medium and small dogs and cats. They come in different styles which owners can choose based on the pet they have. 

For instance, owners with long haired animals may benefit from a dematter tool. This tool can be used to get rid of knots and tangles in the fur. This will make deshedding more uncomfortable for a pet. It can also cause them to bite their fur. 

The brand also offers special types of brushes including those for sensitive areas. This can include the stomach, anus and anywhere else that the animal doesn’t have much fur. 



Deshedders are the main and most popular type of product this brand sells. It’s the reason for the company’s name. Deshedding tools are available for every size or cat and dog. You can also choose based on different types of coat. 

Deshedders can be useful for keeping shedding under control. It may prevent fur from falling on the floor. Regular shedding will also help keep your pet more comfortable. Loose hair will irritate some pets and cause them to over groom. 



The brand sells a wide assortment of complimentary bathing products including shampoos. These can be used before or after deshedding to help keep the coat in the right condition and hygiene standards high. Dry shampoo is also available if getting your pet in the bath is a nightmare. 

Key Features And Benefits

The products from FURminator boast a lot of key benefits and useful features. The deshedding tools have ergonomic handles. This can be a fantastic bonus for owners as deshedding usually takes 20 minutes and must be completed at least once a week. 

The tools also have smart features. This includes a button to easily and instantly release the fur that has been picked up. 

FURminators are also designed with a curve that matches the shape and build of dogs or cats. It can help minimize any pain or discomfort during the deshedding process. 

Choosing The Right Tool For Your Pet

It’s easy to choose the right tool for your pet. You just need to know the type of coat that your animal has. For instance, labs have a double shorthaired coat. You also need to consider whether you have a medium, small or large animal. If you are unsure about which tool is right for your pet, consider consulting your vet. 


As you can see, the tools and products offered by Furminator may be a handy option for dog and cat owners alike. It will help keep shedding under control, benefiting both animals and their owners. 


Do Cats Shed More Than Dogs?

Cats don’t shed more than dogs. However, their fur is fine and will remain airborne. This can mean excess shedding is more noticeable. 

Which Pets Shed The Most?

The pets that shed the most include dog breeds like lab retriever, German shepherd, Siberian husky and Saint Bernard. 

Do All Cats Shed?

There are cats that don’t shed at all including the Sphinx, a hairless breed.

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