German Shepherd Dachshund Mix: Pictures, Guide, Info, & Care!

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The German Shepherd Dachshund mix, often called the Shepherd Dachshund, is a mixed breed that is half German Shepherd and half Dachshund. It is a blend of the strong qualities of both breeds. The German Shepherd Dachshund mix is a breed from a large-sized female German Shepherd with a small-sized male Dachshund and not the other way round because it would be difficult for a female Dachshund to carry a huge German Shepherd breed in her womb.

German Shepherd Dachshund Mix Facts
Breed TypeHybrid
Average Height10 - 20 inches
Average Weight20 - 60 pounds
Lifespan7 - 14 years
Coat type/colorShort or medium-length fur, with a smooth or wavy overcoat
TemperamentEnergetic, friendly, aggressive, protective
Shedding LevelHigh
Health ProblemsMitral valve disease, eye related diseases, hip and joint problems
Grooming NeedsHigh
Suitable ForFamily without babies and/or toddlers, singles, elderly, and first-time owners.
Price$400 - $900

General History of German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

The first use of the Shepherd dates back to the 19th-century German husbandmen that employed the dogs as guard dogs and herds for livestock. The Shepherd is often trained to be smart, fast, muscular, and strong with a high sense of smell and vision. This is why they are used in the police and military; one popular military Shepherd was US Marine Corp Megan Leavey’s Rex who was a combat dog deployed with his handler (Leavey) in Iraq, and later returned to a hero’s welcome.

The Dachshund (originally called the badger hound) is another popular dog with a sweet personality more suited for resting in its master’s lap. The 17th-century German hunters used the Dachshund as a hound dog to scare away farm rodents such as moles and badgers in underground tunnels.

They were referred to as “sausage dogs” when German migrants entered American soil with them after the war. And some people claim the famous hot dog fast food got its name from the dog. Dachshunds usually have a long lifespan of up to 20 plus years. 2 of the 19 dogs holding the Guinness World Record for the Oldest Living Dogs are Dachshunds. Dachshunds are great watchdogs, eagle-eyed and easily triggered by sudden distractions such as a moving leaf; they often keep out unwanted guests such as other animals or strangers.

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German Shepherd Dachshund Mix Appearance

The physical attributes of the Shepherd Dachshund mix can tilt in favor of either mix. If the phenotype is dominated by the Shepherd, the dog is usually large and can weigh up to 60 pounds ( 27kg), and can be as much as 20 inches (50cm) in height while standing with a medium-length double-layered coat type.

If the phenotype of the dog is dominated by the Dachshund, the pooches tend to be smaller (sausage dogs), short-legged, with smooth and long hair. They usually have a double coat of fur that will shed moderately throughout the year and heavily during the season.

The Dachshund mixes often have large triangle ears of both parents which can be floppy or erect. They have big dark round eyes which could be green, amber, blue, brown, or black. Their cute little noses are usually black or brown.

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How Big Can A German Shepherd Dachshund Mix Get?

The Shepherd Dachshund crossbreed is a relatively new designer dog whose weight may range from 20 to 60 pounds (9 to 27kg) and may measure between 10 to 20 inches (25 to 50cm) while standing. They are not as tall as the Shepherd and not too small as the Dachshund doxie; their stature is often somewhere between the weld. Adult male Shepherd Dachshund mixes are taller and weigh more than their female counterparts.

German Shepherd Dachshund Mix Coat Type And Color

The Shepherd Dachshund has a short or medium-length fur, with a smooth or wavy overcoat. They have thick long hair on the chest, ears, underbelly, and behind the legs.

The color of the doggy’s coat could be of a vast range of colors such as brindle, black, fawn, cream, sable, merle, liver, chocolate, blue, gray, red, piebald, wild boar, red and black, black and tan, black and silver, solid white, etc.

Whichever coat the dog has, it will have a double coat that sheds from time to time, so the owner should be ready for a fur fest.

Personality Of the German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

Shepherd Dachshunds are friendly and affectionate doggies. These canids are very loyal and overprotective of their owners. They are very super conscious and vigilant watchdogs. GSDs are often caught snapping at intruders or fomenting trouble around children.

Depending on the parent breed dominance, they could be spoiled and attention-seeking canines or stubborn and mischievous poochies. Their Dachshund genes make them intelligent mollycoddles, often not so sociable with strangers at first but warm up to them afterward. They can be pig-headed or stubborn or even aggressive and can burrow or dig anything when having a fit due to their Dachshund trait.

The Dachshund mix is very energetic and can often go nuts when they are bored. So they need to be allowed enough space to play around and given enough exercise in order to vent off all their energy. They don’t like to be left alone and are barely aloof, clingy, and needy. They tend to slip up their owner’s blanket during sleep and position themselves for a cuddle.

The Shepherd Dachshunds are very confident canids and they like to strut around the house like they own the place, they like to be the cocks of the walk, not the feather dusters.

Benefits Of Having A German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

1. This kind of Dachshund mix is very loyal and protective of their master friends, and this is why they are invaluable as animal companions to Military Police K9 Groups.

2. They are a perfect mixture of their parent breeds. They are strong smart German Shepherds but smaller and doting lovable and lappy Dachshunds but bigger.

3. They love to cuddle and show affection. They can easily mount on their owners while asleep or stay on their laps if they are awake.

Things To Be Worried About When Getting A German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

1. They can be stubborn doggies because of their Dachshund genome, therefore they need owners who can show them enough attention.

2. Both parent breeds of the mix are fierce barkers, so the Shepherd Dachshund is going to be a loud barker by nature; a stranger striding into the compound, a wobbling leaf, their own shadow, or a stray cat is enough to draw a bark from them

3. They are jealous and needy pooches and they don’t do so well with other pets. They can mistake other smaller pets like parrots, hamsters, and small cats for intruders.

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German Shepherd Dachshund Mix Health

The Shepherd Dachshund usually has a lifespan of 7 to 14 years, but can live for up to 12 to 16 years because of the longevity of their Dachshund progeny.

Hip and Joint supplements such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin should be given to the doggy in their food servings to increase bone strength and joint stability.

These dogs may suffer eye problems such as progressive retinal atrophy and cataracts which may result in permanent blindness in old age.

Mitral valve disease is the commonest cardiovascular disorder that affects Shepherd Dachshunds due to obesity that may arise from obesity.

Droopy-eared GSDs are often prone to ear infections due to the outburst of fungi and bacteria infections in the ears because they are always warm and closeted.

Grooming And Feeding Your German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

GSDs are notorious for heavy shedding. They may not be suitable for people with fur allergies. Regular nail clipping and ear cleaning to reduce the incidence of bacterial infections should be done on the doggy.

The doggy should be bathed regularly and their coats brushed at least 2 or 3 times a week, which helps to detach already loose fur and a heap of one giant furball. Vacuuming can also help to brush much easier.

The ration sizes for GSDs depend on the size, weight, and activity of the pooch. But they normally consume about 1.5 to 2.5 cups daily divided into 2 or 3 smaller portions. Overfeeding can cause obesity which will, in turn, cause cardiovascular problems, spinal degeneration, and intervertebral disc herniation.

It is also important to feed the doggy a diet rich in fish oil, chondroitin and glucosamine supplements in order to prevent bone and joint disorders common with their kind.

Training And Exercising Your German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

The German-Shepherd traits of the Shepherd Dachshund allow for its trainability. It is important to train them well so you will love them as they can be used as service dogs for the disabled, the military, and the police because of their discipline and intelligence.

Owners must understand their personality traits, like their sometimes aggressiveness and stubbornness, and show strong authority over them so they can behave.

Since they are overprotective of their owners, they can act up in the presence of children who do not know how to treat them, so discipline is often required in the presence of strangers.

German Shepherd Dachshunds are very active and energetic canines and need to be exercised for about 30 to 60 minutes every day. But be careful not to overstretch them as when they show signs of fatigue when they stop dead in their tracks and expect you to carry them. They can be that spoiled.

Exercise your pooches with interactive games, and provide them with enough space to play around. Stimulate them mentally with witty games and reward their achievements.

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What’s The Price Of A German Shepherd Dachshund Mix Pup?

When buying a GSD puppy from a breeder, you must make sure to get a healthy pup. Puppy farmers may sacrifice the health of their whelps for profits and may not expose them to appropriate hygiene and environmental conditions, so they aren’t good breeders. The same goes for pet shops. If you want to buy a healthy breed look for an excellent breeder.

Because the Shepherd Dachshunds are relatively new designer dogs, and a rare mixed breed, they often cost between $400 to $900.

Final Thoughts

The German Shepherd Dachshund mixed breed is a wonderful doggy that has a strong mixture of the traits of a German Shepherd and a Dachshund. The Shepherd gives the dog their strength and smarts, while the Dachshund makes it a cute little doting creature who could be just the right playmate and companion for you!

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