German Shepherd Pitbull Mix: Everything You Need to Learn Here

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The German Shepherd Pitbull is a mixed-breed dog that is a hybrid of the German Shepherd Dog and the American Pitbull Terrier. These pups are medium to large in size, lively, and loyal, and they have inherited some of their parents’ greatest qualities.

The German Shepherd Pitbull, also known as the German Sheppit or German Pit, is the result of a cross between two breeds that are both misunderstood due to the stigma attached to them.

Although both parental breeds have a tarnished image of being aggressive, this is not the case. While they have a more assertive disposition than other breeds, with the correct training and environment, they can be very affectionate and fun companions.

A magnificent hybrid with an intelligent, loyal, and loving attitude would result from crossing the two breeds. This dog would want to please the family and spend quality time with them.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

When given sufficient socialization training, these puppies are naturally affectionate and devoted to a fault. Both parental breeds are devoted workers. They are frequently charged with security and police work due to their high intelligence and athletic frame.

These pups aren’t likely to be happy in an apartment. German Shepherd Pitbulls require large homes with ample yard space. You’ll have a happy dog if you give him strict responsibilities. These puppies might become aggressive and develop behavioral issues if they are understimulated.

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German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Origins

The German Shepherd Dog and the American Pitbull Terrier are two of the most widely misunderstood dog breeds in the world.

Both are shrouded in a negative connotation, which adds to the intrigue of this crossbreed. But I believe the Shepherd Pitbull mix is more than just a terrible reputation.

Knowing where the German Shepherd-Pitbull hybrid originated can help us better understand them.

German Shepherd History

German Shepherd History

The German Shepherd may be traced back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, namely to 1899. This dog was developed in Germany to handle and protect sheep.

Captain Max Von Stephanitz, a German military officer, created the breed. He wanted a canine with a wolf-like look and a great work ethic, so he approached the military and police about the idea and partnered with them.

German Shepherds are a breed that is intelligent, diligent, and extremely trainable, making them perfect for working with the military and police. They’re also known to act as guard dogs and as guide dogs for the disabled. GSDs are suitable for a wide range of situations, making them excellent pets in general.

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American Pitbull Terrier History

American Pitbull Terrier History

American Pitbull Terriers are also a smart breed, with roots dating back to the 1800s in the United Kingdom. They were involved in the era’s bull and bear hunting sport.

Pitbulls are a hybrid of Bulldogs and Terriers that were crossbred to make a brave hunting dog. They can be located in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

When this breed was first brought to the United States, it was an instant hit with landowners and ranch owners, and it was quickly renamed the “American Pitbull Terrier.” They have great tracking and hunting abilities and have become livestock guardians.

Pitbulls were developed to be stable fighter dogs, but due to their pleasant disposition and protectiveness of youngsters, they quickly became “nanny dogs.” The hostility displayed by certain American Pitbull Terriers is the result of insufficient and incorrect training.

When properly trained, a Pitbull makes an excellent pet and family member.

Pitties are becoming a powerful but affectionate breed. He enjoys cuddling up with his owner and relaxing, as well as being the center of attraction and being in the company of others.

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German Shepherd Pitbull Appearance

The German Pit will resemble a Pitbull more than a German Shepherd. The face of this breed is typically big, with a short nose and folded-over ears.

They could also have a longer nose, similar to a German Shepherd, depending on which parent is the most dominant.

The German Shepherd Pitbull hybrid has a large head and a short muzzle, similar to the Pitbull parent, while some may have a longer muzzle like the German Shepherd. Because of its shorter coat, it prefers warmer regions.

Shedding happens all year, although only in little amounts. The German Sheppit has a strong and slender build in general.

German Shepherd Pitbull Size

Since the German Shepherd Pitbull is a new breed, there are minimal size criteria. German Shepherd Pitbulls are medium to large, as they are a cross between German Shepherd and American Pitbull Terrier parents.

The majority of them weigh 30 to 90 pounds and stand between 17 and 26 inches tall at the shoulder. Many, on the other hand, can be smaller or greater. The males are slightly bigger than the females.

German Shepherd Pitbull Personality

German Shepherd Pitbull Personality

German Shepherd Pitbulls are very protective of the people they care about. They prefer large families. They have more people to love the bigger they are.

German Shepherd Pitbulls require a large home with plenty of space to run around in. For this dog to be happy, he will need a lot of exercises.

When properly socialized as puppies, German Shepherd Pitbulls are not dangerous at all and are quite friendly to strangers and other dogs. Get these puppies trained as soon as possible!

They have a high level of intelligence and are easily trained. Use a reward system and positive reinforcement.

Being alone for lengthy amounts of time is not something German Shepherd Pitbulls are excellent at. They become frustrated and bored without the companionship and exercise they require.

When a German Shepherd Pitbull is under-exercised and neglected by their household, disruptive behaviors such as chewing and screaming are likely to emerge.

Early socialization is required for the German Shepherd Pitbull. Take them for a stroll and introduce them to new humans, dogs, places, and experiences while they are still puppies.

German Shepherd Pitbull Grooming

The coat of this dog is normally short to medium in length and thick and dense. This crossbreed will shed a modest amount. (Expect to use a vacuum cleaner frequently.)

The most common colors for German Sheppits are black, tan, fawn, white, and gray. Some, like the GSD, have lovely multi-colored coats, while others inherit their Pittie parents’ brindle coats. The German Pit is not a good dog for persons who have dander allergies because of its mild shedding.

In comparison to other breeds, the Pitbull German Shepherd has relatively low grooming requirements. Because of his short coat and moderate shedding, he requires low-to-medium upkeep. Brushing his coat can be done once a week, or three times per week if you are concerned about dog hair.

Your German Shepherd Pitbull must only be bathed when necessary, such as when its coat becomes excessively filthy; otherwise, this dog doesn’t require a lot of water time to keep its natural oils and avoid dry skin. He also doesn’t have a bad doggy odor, so bathing isn’t necessary too often.

Make careful to clean his ears regularly because moisture, dirt, and bacteria can accumulate in this area. To maintain his paws clean and healthy, he should get his nails trimmed every few weeks.

Also, remember to bring your dog in for dental visits to avoid the possibility of dental problems. Brush your dog’s teeth about three to four times per week.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Health

This crossbreed can live for up to 12 years if he is properly cared for and leads a healthy lifestyle. Every breed is predisposed to certain health problems, thus it is critical that you, as a dog owner, should be informed of these difficulties so that you can properly care for your dog.

It’s important to know that Pitbulls crossed with German Shepherds are susceptible to the diseases listed below.

1. Atopic Dermatitis

It’s an inflammatory skin disorder brought on by exposure to specific environmental elements like pesticide-sprayed grass and mold spores. Keep your house neat this ailment from infecting your dog. Keep a watch out for increased pesticide use at dog parks.

2. Hip Dysplasia

The German Shepherd breed is biologically sensitive to this illness, and it is very likely that it will be passed down to its children. Malformations of the hip joints characterize the condition, which can result in lameness and chronic pain.

3. Skin Irritation

The Pitbull German Shepherd tends to for skin irritation, which it gets from its Pitbull ancestors. Their skin is more sensitive, and bug bites, such as ticks and fleas, can cause severe reactions.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Feeding Requirements

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Feeding Requirements

Diet for a German Shepherd Pitbull should be designed for a medium to large breed with extremely energetic and exercise requirements. For suggestions as to what to feed your German Shepherd Pitbull and the proper portion amounts, ask your veterinarian or a professional pet nutritionist.

As they progress from puppyhood to adolescence and into their senior years, their food requirements will change. Keep track of these dietary requirements.

A German Shepherd Pitbull puppy needs extra attention when it comes to eating and exercising. Between the years of four and seven months, their German Shepherd parents develop at a rapid rate, putting them vulnerable to bone diseases. They thrive on a high-quality, low-calorie diet that restricts their growth.

It’s best to wait until your puppy is at least two years old and their bones have fully grown before allowing them to jump, run, or play on rough surfaces like pavement. Puppies can play on grass or carpet, and inch-high jumps are acceptable.

Overfeeding your German Shepherd Pitbull and allowing them to gain weight can lead to joint problems and other health issues. Instead of making food readily available, limit snacks, keep them engaged and feed them regular meals.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Exercise Requirements

Because the Pitbull German Shepherd mix is a lively and high-energy dog, if he becomes bored, he may become destructive. Because this breed enjoys moving around, it enjoys participating in workout activities. It is suggested that he exercise for at least 90 minutes each day.

To keep your dog in excellent physical shape and to release excess energy, take him for a one-hour jog in the day and a 30-minute stroll in the evening. Keep in mind that a German Pit puppy’s legs are shorter, so take it slowly. You can raise your speed after that age as long as he can keep up.

Their exercise requirement isn’t just a suggestion; it must be followed. This breed may develop a tendency of aggressive and disruptive tendencies, including excessive barking, undesired chewing, and digging if given little exercise.

Encourage and promote exercises should also be included in your daily routine to prevent boredom and improve social relationships. You can supply interactive dog toys for your pet.

How to Train Your German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

Unfortunately, this crossbreed is difficult to train and is not suitable for first-time dog owners. He’ll attempt to control you if you’re not a solid and confident alpha. Be patient and resist the urge to give up.

The GSD-Pittie cross responds strongly to positive reinforcement, and he will learn more quickly with food and recognition than with punishment.

Early socialization allows him to connect more effectively with other animals and fosters a greater feeling of versatility in the dog. Socialization also helps your pet like being around your family members by resolving apprehensive and timid behavior.

You’ll need to be patient since socialization takes time. To desensitize your puppy to new faces and situations, you’ll need to introduce it to a lot of people and take it to areas you’ll be visiting regularly. Although this breed is bright, he has a stubborn streak when it comes to training.

It’s vital to stick to a training schedule if you want your German Pit puppy to learn appropriate manners.

Because this mix tends to bark a lot, you might want to include a regimen that will help you manage unnecessary barking. Incorporate crate and leash training into your sessions.

The best method to teach a German Sheppit is to start early. The optimal time to begin is when the baby is seven weeks old. Adult dogs can still be trained, though it will be more challenging.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Children and Other Pets

When properly trained and socialized with children, a German Shepherd Pitbull makes an excellent companion for a large household with children. However, their size may create a loss when dealing with younger youngsters. They may easily knock a toddler over by accident.

Children should be taught how to handle and touch dogs, and any encounters between dogs and small children should always be supervised. Teach your child to never approach a dog that is eating or attempting to grab the dog’s food. No dog, no matter how nice, should ever be left alone with a small child.

Other dogs get along well with German Shepherd Pitbulls, especially if they were reared with them. For this mixed breed, early socialization is essential. If you’re working with an adult dog who hasn’t been socialized, you’ll almost certainly need a physically strong person to manage them in public.

Young children, especially those under the age of eight, may play rough with dogs, tire them out, or agitate them unintentionally, causing the dogs to respond aggressively. All members of the family, including your four-legged family pets, should be trained to love and respect each other.

This dog adores spending time with you and your family. It is for this reason that leaving them alone for a lengthy amount of time is not a good idea, as they struggle to cope with isolation.

It’s not a good idea to leave them alone for more than 3 hours because they’ll become bored quickly. So lavish love and devotion on your German Shepherd/Pitbull cross and expect unconditional attention and love.

How Much Will it Cost to Own a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

Choose a reliable breeder who has done a health check on their puppies once you’ve decided to purchase a German Shepherd Pitbull mix puppy.

They would also demand that you meet the puppy to have a better understanding of the puppy’s personality.

A German Sheppit puppy costs between $200 and $600, with additional charges of $450 to $500 for a kennel, neutering, chipping, leash, collar, and blood testing.

Is the German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Right for You?

A German Shepherd Pitbull mix is devoted to its owner and guardian. A German Pit would get along with all family members with the proper socialization.

Because of its flexibility, this magnificent hybrid is a perfect complement to any household, whether you live in apartments or a house with a gated area.

When left alone for extended periods, these hybrids develop separation anxiety. Because these dogs are stubborn, they require a competent owner who is used to being a loving yet forceful alpha leader.

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