Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix: All About This Striking Combination

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The Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix (also known as Golden Dox, Golden Dachshund, Golden Weiner, and Golden Weenie) is a hybrid of two intelligent and fun-loving dogs, the golden retriever and the Dachshund. These adorable pups are quite popular in the world of designer dogs and make excellent companions in many homes.

The various characteristics of the Golden Doxie are determined by whether they lean toward the golden retriever parent or the Dachshund parent.

For example, the Golden Retriever is considered an intelligent, good-natured, and very affectionate breed of dog. They are fairly easy to train. The Dachshund breed, on the other hand, is smart, vigilant, brave to the point of rashness, and can be a bit stubborn. This stubbornness makes it difficult to train or obey commands.

Hence, it is impossible to predict which of their parent’s nature, personalities, temperament, or limitations a Golden Dox will possess. That said, this mixed breed has the potential to be a great family dog.

A Glance At The Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix
Life Expectancy10 to 14 years
Average Height10 to 23 inches
Average Weight30 to 60 pounds (for both sexes)
PersonalitySmart, intelligent, affectionate, obedient, loyal,stubborn, lively, playful, and loving
Coat type & ColorMedium in coat length and straight in texture, dense.
Colors can range from brown, fawn, black, tan, to red depending on the parents’ genes, possibly a combination of two colors
SheddingMild to moderate shedding levels, but require grooming on a daily basis
Suitable forFamily with children; other dog breeds
Health IssuesAllergies, epilepsy, obesity, eye problems, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) etc
Exercise NeedsHigh
Grooming needsTools like pin brush, toothbrush, slicker brush, scissors, and nail clipper. Requires grooming on a daily basis
PriceAround $1,000

Brief History of Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix

The history of the Golden Retriever Dachshund mix is not well-documented at any time. However, the parent pets have an enticing history that transcends through time and has given dog lovers something to appreciate and think about whenever they see this lovely mixed breed.

The Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland in the mid-19th century by Sir Dudley Marjoribanks. He carefully crossbred Flat-coated Retrievers with Tweed Water Spaniels thus creating the Golden Retriever.

Among other things, It is used for retrieval of game birds such as grouse and partridge and wildfowl hunting from both land and water. This attribute partly serves the purpose for which it was bred.

The Dachshund is a creation of German breeders in the 17th century and includes elements of German, French, and English hounds and terriers.

Originally named the “Dachs Kriecher” (“badger crawler”) or “Dachs Krieger” (“badger warrior”), the dachshund breed is famous for its use in exterminating badgers and badger-baiting and was commonly used for rabbit and fox hunting, and for locating wounded deer. They also have elongated bodies and short legs allowing entry into the tunnels of animals.

The Dachshund has been Germany’s favorite dog for centuries. Although it lost popularity because of its connection with Germany, it has gradually become a much-beloved pet since the mid-20th century.

Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix Looks And Aesthetics

Generally, the Golden Dox is a medium-sized dog marked with short legs, floppy ears, and large torsos.

The Golden Dox may inherit the color of a Dachshund or a Golden Retriever. The color is usually golden, although sometimes it may be blonde, black, brown, yellow, fawn, or red. They could be the presence of markings.

The wavy, medium-length, golden or white double coat of Golden Weiner resembles that of the Golden Retriever.

Depending on the physical traits it inherits from its parent breeds, it may have a long snout and low body just like a Dachshund and dense fur and facial features like a Golden Retriever.

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How Big Does Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix Get? (Height and Weight)

It is a difficult task to ascertain the exact size of the Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix. This is because of the large disproportionality in the height or weight of the Golden Retriever and the Dachshund.

The Golden Retriever’s height ranges from 56–61 cm (22–24 in) and weight of 25–34 kg (55–75 lb).

On the other hand, there are 3 sizes of Dachshund namely;

Standard 37–47 cm (15–19 in)

Miniature 32–37 cm (13–15 in)

Rabbit 27–32 cm (11–13 in)

Hence, the Golden Doxie will measure between 10 and 23 inches (25 to 58 cm) in height and have an average weight of around 30 to 60 pounds (13 to 27 kg). Their size will vary depending on which parent they take after but it could just be a fine line between both breeds.

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Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix Temperament

Like every other crossbreed, guessing the exact personality up for grab by the Golden Doxie is just a coin toss. The personality of the Golden Retriever Dachshund mix encompasses the individual traits of both parent breeds but they are generally friendly and get along well with children.

The Golden Retriever Dachshund mixes are known to be fun-loving and intelligent but still loyal and cherished by their owners. They are very hospitable to their family members, strangers, and other pets. However, the same traits which make them lovable by their humans make them lousy guard dogs.

It’s possible that your pooch will exhibit a stubborn streak due to their Dachshund parents but this can be canceled out by the docility of the Golden Retriever.

First-time owners can handle this breed provided they provide them with enough time and care. Also, this breed just needs some space to roam freely and not necessarily a big yard, hence, they are a great option for apartment dwellers.

The Golden Weiner bred likes to be the center of attention and will require plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Without this, they can isolate themselves resulting in separation anxiety.

Pros and Cons Of Having A Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix

If you have decided to own a Golden Dachshund or you have already got one, there are a few pros and cons of this hybrid you should bear in mind.

Let’s start with the pros first. Here are a few of them –

The Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix is highly intelligent, smart, and reliable. This makes it easier to train.

Because of their capacity to be trained, they can adapt to any environment or situation they find themselves in. This is especially important to families who relocate frequently.

The Golden Dox is an exciting yet puzzling combination. The dachshund is known for its stubborn and aggressive trait while the golden retriever shows a more obedient demeanor.

While the Golden Retriever Dachshund mix might be a great addition to you and your family, it is imperative to weigh the consequences of having such a puppy. Here are a few of them –

Getting your desired traits in the mix can be difficult because the Golden Dox is difficult to breed.

The Golden Retriever and the Dachshund have different health issues associated with them. Some of the problems may sometimes be exacerbated in this hybrid.

The issue of ethics in crossbreeding is another matter of importance because some people consider the idea of crossbreeding unethical practice.

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Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix Health

The Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix is vulnerable to a lot of health-related diseases. These may be acute or chronic diseases ranging from minor allergies to life-threatening illnesses such as intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) etc.

Below are a few of them –

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) – Just like with people, a dog’s discs degenerate over time, resulting in the inner disc material protruding into the spinal canal. It is worthy of note that the Golden Retriever Dachshund has a long torso and little legs. As a result, it is prone to nerve damage and severe back problems, which could result in loss of pain sensation or inability to move limbs.

Epilepsy – Loss of voluntary control, often seen with convulsions (jerking or shaking movements and muscle twitching) is seen in this crossbreeds. This could be a result of heat exhaustion, nutritional imbalances such as thiamine deficiency, low blood sugar levels, liver disease, tumors, etc.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) – This is a group of degenerative diseases that affect the photoreceptor cells of the eyes. PRA is an inherited disease observed in purebred dogs but may be seen in mixed breeds. With this disease, the cells deteriorate over time, eventually leading to blindness in the affected dog. Antioxidant therapy has been suggested to attempt to delay vision loss in affected animals but there is no evidence to suggest this is effective.

Allergies – Itchiness, red, inflamed skin, diarrhea, vomiting, sneezing/wheezing, and runny discharge from the eyes or nose are symptoms of allergies. To help prevent future attacks, try to figure out the allergen exposed to your Golden Dox.

Other health problems common in the Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix include –


Hip dysplasia



Caring For Your Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix

Adequate care should be given to your Golden Dachshund mix to ensure proper growth and development. These include timely grooming, nourishing food, regular exercise, training, and veterinary assessment.

It is important to groom your Golden Dox on a daily basis. This may seem like a difficult task but consider this. Shedding may be a bit of an issue considering that the Golden Retriever and sometimes, the Dachshund parent have long hair. However, they are both are moderate shedders when compared to other dogs. This will mean regular brushing and a need to invest in a good pet hair vacuum. Items such as slicker brush, scissors, nail clipper, pin or brush should also be readily available.

Grooming sessions involve a chance to trim nails and check the eyes, teeth, and ears of the dog. Ears need checking and cleaning every week to avoid infection. Nails require trimming and filing every two to three weeks. The teeth need to be cleaned to prevent tooth decay and bad breath.

Your sweetheart needs quality dry food. The average Golden Weiner requires about three small cups of dog food a day.

Due to the wary and stubborn tendencies of the Dachshund, you’ll definitely need early socialization and training for your mixed breed pup. Regular exercise and fun games are also important for their physical and mental stimulation.

When seeking a vet, potential owners must take into consideration the vet’s knowledge and expertise in handling this unique kind of breed. Regular examination of your puppy can help determine any medical anomalies, nutritional status, or proper counseling to their owners.

Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix Puppy Price

Given their size, a Golden Dox can cost half as much as a Golden Retriever. However, the Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix can be quite expensive, which is anywhere between $500 – $1000.

To get your hands on such a lovely purebred, you will need to go through a breeder. It is important to note that procuring such a rare breed of dog can be challenging as you will have a hard time finding them in shelters or rescue dog homes. So, there is a need to find a competent and reputable breeder over the internet or by referral.

A breeder with a credible reputation is the best fit for securing your Golden Dachshund puppy. Beware of anyone posing as a breeder or offering a questionable price. Do as much research as you can, and make sure the breeder provides you with necessary health clearances before buying any pup.

Final Thoughts

If you need an affectionate fluffy companion that will not get too large, now is the time to get yourself an adorable Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix. This cross is also lively and fun-loving making them perfect for leisurely strolls to the park, beach walks, or hiking in the woods. They have plenty of energy to spare and fun to be with.

With proper care, you can prolong the lifespan of your pooch and eventually be rewarded with a heart-warming bundle of delight. What we try to avoid is acquiring a new pup, only to surrender him to an animal shelter or rescue organization.

We hope this guide has helped you learn more about the Golden Doxie and that you have figured out whether or not this breed is a good fit for you and your family.

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