How To Stop My Dog From Eating Everything

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It is a nightmare to see your dog eating everything. Multiple elements explain this problem, including pica, poop problems, and grass grazing.

Eating everything could readily result in medical emergencies, surgery, and even fatalities—costs you do not want to bear. Various steps could help stop your dog from eating everything.

They include the following.



Rewarding your dog is an excellent way to stop eating anything it gets. This move is suitable when dealing with a dog tempted to eat while walking. Usually, it requires you to pay attention to the dog, identifying instances of temptation.

You will reward the dog if it avoids the temptation of eating everything. The reward could be in the form of a treat, whether chicken or a piece of steak. This move will train the dog to believe it has better treats to offer.

Muzzle Training

Muzzle Training

Muzzle training involves using a muzzle basket to restrain the dog from eating anything. You’ll need an excellent muzzle to ensure that the dog does not open its mouth. Unlike occlusion and nylon, the best materials allow the dog to open its mouth. For this reason, ensure that you choose a muzzle wisely.

Muzzle training restricts the dog from eating anything. However, they allow you to give the dog treats from time to time. This dog will also have room to pant and drink water.

Apart from muzzle training, it would help if you did some nose work with the dog. This training helps the dog find treats and food, improving its sensory abilities.

One of the best games to use would be Find It, which requires the dog to inhale the smell and find the treat. You could also place this treat in one of your hands, expecting the dog to identify which one holds the treat.

Make Some Foods and Items Inaccessible

Make Some Foods and Items Inaccessible

Dogs will likely be tempted by the food you leave on various surfaces, including countertops. Putting such food far from the dog will help stop it from eating everything. You will need to put it locked in the cabinets in most cases. Locking ensures that the dog does not access the food.

At the same time, you could make food seem like an adventure. This move aims at lessening the intensity associated with eating everything. Remember, dogs will likely want o inhale and eat everything they find exciting. Giving them this freedom will minimize the need to do so.

The best way to do this is to scatter their kibble over a wider area. This way, the dog will search for each piece of the meal around the room. You will likely see improvement next time you walk with it.

Train It to Eat Slow

Various experts recommend a special bowl that allows the dog to eat pretty slowly. The idea is to make it hard for the dog to access food. In turn, it slows them down, forcing them to work harder to get food. It will also build a different mentality, encourage them to work hard for food, and force them to eat slowly at all times.

In addition, you need to provide your dog with excellent chew alternatives. In this case, toys and appropriate treats will come in handy.

Puppy-Proof Your House

Ensure that your room is safe for the puppy. Usually, it would be best to invest in excellent gates, pens, and crates.

These devices will help limit their movement, making it easier to manage the dog. In addition, it will be easier for you to reward the dog if it behaves appropriately. The best rewards would be treats and easy-to-chew foods.

You could also embrace the umbilical cord training that requires you to attach your dog’s leash to the body. This move will ensure that the pet does not stray and eat anything it is not supposed to. However, crating should be a short-term strategy. It comes in handy when you do not have enough time to supervise the pet.


Why Does My Dog Eat Everything?

Your dog could eat anything for various reasons, including boredom, medical issues, and poor training. You will need a combination of vet care, training, and pet management skills to address this problem. However, it would be best to handle the issue on time.

When Do Puppies Stop Eating Everything?

Eating everything is a short-lived phenomenon among puppies. It will often go away after approximately six months. However, suppose the puppy does not outgrow this habit on time. In that case, you will need to embrace different vet care and training approaches to address the issue.

Whatever your dog eats will determine its health. Ensuring that it does not eat everything will cushion you against various vet expenses. The insights above show how you can achieve this within a short period.

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