How To Stop My Dog From Peeing In her Sleep

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I can attest that owning a dog comes with several benefits. You may have realized that these canines are known as man’s best friends for various reasons. My dog offers the company I need when my family is not around.

Additionally, a dog understands human emotions, and he or she can provide emotional support during low moments. My canine friend also ensures my home is secure. Nonetheless, regardless of such benefits, I had to deal with my canine pals peeing while they sleep, just like the issue you have at the moment.

Dog peeing in her sleep can be a bother, especially when it comes to cleaning your house and the foul smell it may leave behind. It is critical to understand some of the best ways I followed in dealing with this problematic issue, as explained in this article.

Why do some Dogs Pee While Asleep?

Why do some Dogs Pee While Asleep?

The main reason why your canine friend may urinate during their slumber is incontinence. This translates into different health conditions. Veterinary experts have confirmed that urinary tract infection (UTI) and other conditions causing pain are the top leading causes of such dog accidents. Others may include:

  • Spinal issues cause the animal to have reduced sensitivity in the affected areas, leading to incontinence. Some breeds may experience more complex spinal problems, such as degenerative myelopathy (DM).
  • Kidney disease leads to unexplainable thirst, meaning your dog will consume more liquids and have a full bladder most of the time.
  • Mental conditions come in through neurological problems, such as altering the nerves that control the bladder, leading to incontinence.
  • Diabetes is also common in dogs, which also causes an increase in thirst. Increased thirst levels mean more water consumption, leading to regular urination even when your pet is asleep.
  • Bladder stones are painful mineral accumulations in the bladder. Some of the common symptoms of this condition include difficulties passing out urine and blood spots in the dog’s pee.

The Best Ways to Stop Your Dog from Peeing During Sleep

Contact a Veterinarian

Contact a Veterinarian

Undoubtedly, this is the first step I took to ensure my canine friend got treated for urinating in bed. These animal doctors are adequately trained on what should be done to handle any issue that may cause urinating accidents.

This will be the most resourceful step because your dog’s doctor understands some of the best reasons your canine pet wets bed and how best to handle the situation.

Before taking our dog to the vet, one critical thing we did was get a fresh urine sample. That made it easy for us and the animal doctor to identify the cause and develop a reliable and promising treatment plan.

Sometimes, the problem may be from a single underlying condition, but it could result from a mixture of two or more conditions in other instances.

Maintain the Right Hygiene

Maintain the Right Hygiene

You bought the dog and decided to bring it up as your pet. Therefore, one of the areas I emphasize is ensuring the environment your canine companion lives in is clean and hygienic. We mentioned earlier that infections could be the leading cause of your dog urinating while asleep.

The best way to prevent these infections and other diseases is ensuring your Bobby sleeps, plays, and lives in a clean environment.

Use Doggy Diapers

Use Doggy Diapers

We have realized this is a short-term solution. Using doggie diapers will only reduce the hassle you go through when cleaning your pet’s urine from the house. Diapers do not have any medical benefits in treating dog urinary incontinence, but you can use them as you schedule an appointment with an animal doctor.

After we treat our dog for urinary incontinence, I am always happy how she wakes up at night to pee in her potty. Fortunately, I did not have a rough time finding the best diaper for my dog, and you shouldn’t, too, as long as you know what to consider.

Liquid-proof Pads

Using these pads is similar to using diapers – they are both short-term solutions. Nonetheless, these pads reduce your work when it comes to maintaining hygiene in and around your home. We embraced using these pads before our dog fully recovered from urinary incontinence. The best thing we did was place the liquid-proof mat under her bed.

Consider Natural Remedies

I have realized that supplemental and traditional medications may not work to treat your dog’s bed-peeing accidents. One of the best decisions is to use natural remedies to try and combat the condition.

However, this solution is most effective when your canine pet does not require immediate medical attention. These solutions may include Sand Piao Xiao San, ground flax seeds, and saw-palmetto.

Dogs are fun, especially when in good health. Urinary incontinence has become a common bother for many dog owners. As explained above, you would be happy to understand some of the best solutions to such a condition.

Nonetheless, the best and most viable option is to contact your local vet, who is better positioned to diagnose and treat the condition.

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