How to Stop My Dog From Sniffing My Crotch

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Written by: Celestine Gomez
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My dog seems to be on a mission to embarrass me. A day doesn’t pass without it sniffing my crotch. I find this conduct awkward, especially if my dog does this in front of strangers. 

So I started doing some research, and I found out that I am not the only dog owner complaining about this. Many dog owners are trying to stop their dogs from sniffing their crotches.

In this blog, I share some valuable tips any dog owner can use to stop their dog from sniffing crotches.

But before we dive in, first things first:

Why is your dog smelling your crotch?

Your dog may be smelling your crotch because of the apocrine glands in your body. Apocrine glands are sweat glands found in areas with hair, predominately the armpits and groin, which attract dogs.

In most cases, your dog will sniff your crotch to gather information about you. Not necessarily to embarrass you in front of strangers. Remember, dogs possess superpowers to analyze different smells.

Here is how to stop your dog from sniffing your crotch:

1. Train your dog

Train your dog

If you want your dog to stop sniffing your crotch, try to train it. The easiest way to go about doing this is by helping your dog focus on the task at hand. For instance, you can train your dog to sniff a toy.

2. Present your hand at the level of your crotch

Present your hand at the level of your crotch

Another way of stopping your dog from sniffing your crotch is by presenting your hand to it. Do this regularly till your dog gets used to sniff your hand. Eventually, your dog will sniff your hand instead of your crotch.

3. Present an open palm to your dog

Present an open palm to your dog

Alternatively, you can attract your dog’s attention with your open palm. Extend your finger, then create an open palm. Do this as your dog approaches, then present the palm. Your dog will sniff it instead of your crotch.

4. Push your dog’s head away from your crotch 

 Push your dog's head away from your crotch 

Another best trick is to push the dog’s head away gently. Do this by grabbing your canine companion by the collar and moving its head away from you.

5. Teach your dog to leave it

Teach your dog to leave it

Lastly, you can use the old-fashioned “sit” or “leave it” commands. For instance, every time your dog tries to sniff your crotch, just say, “leave it.”

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