St. Bullnard: Get To Know The St. Bernard Pitbull Mix

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Searching for the perfect dog that suits your lifestyle and needs can be a little daunting. This is how purpose-bred dogs, or what people call designer dogs, have become quite popular.

The St. Bernard Pitbull mix is an interesting hybrid because it combines the traits of two parents that share a little in common.

This crossbreed is quite interesting, and we decided to walk you through all the details to help you get to know it. So, if you’re wondering what a St. Bernard Pitbull mix will be like, keep reading.

What is the Background of the St. Bernard Pitbull Mix?

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The St. Bernard Pitbull mix is not a result of natural interbreeding. It was deliberately created by breeders to have a highly functional protective dog with some playfulness and a sweet temperament.

Just like most mixed-bred dogs, there’s no accurate information about how or when this mixed breed came into existence. Yet, the St. Bernard Pitbull mix is a relatively new mixed breed.

St. Bernards are among the oldest pure breeds and have a long history as loyal rescue dogs. They come from the Swiss Alps and were usually used by the local monks to help lost travelers and protect their grounds.

Pitbulls, on the other hand, are among the most misunderstood dogs in the world. They came from the British Isles and were originally bred to bait bulls and for dog fighting, so they were praised for their aggression. Later, these dogs became farm dogs and even nanny dogs because they’re quite gentle with children.

A lot of people think that Pitbulls are quite aggressive, but the truth is that they’re quite docile towards their owners.

A St. Bullnard or a St. Bernard and Pitbull mix will inherit traits from both parents. You can expect to have a puppy with the protective nature of a Pitbull and the loving nature of a St. Bernard.

St. Bullnards are perfect for stable homes where they can receive enough attention and stimulation. They’re eager to please and are very loyal. They can be overly protective, especially of younger children in the family.

Different Types of St. Bernard Pitbull Mixes

Mixing different dog breeds involves a lot of uncertainty because the resulting puppy might favor any of the parents over the other. However, when it comes to the St. Bernard Pitbull mix, you can have more uncertainty.

This happens because there are four different types of Pitbulls. So, your mixed-bred puppy will inherit a different appearance, depending on its parents’ nature.

All types of Pitbulls almost share the same temperament, but their height, weight, and coat type vary.

  • The American Staffordshire Terrier is between 40 and 70 pounds heavy and 17 and 19 inches high.
  • The American Pitbull Terrier is between 30 and 65 pounds heavy and 17 and 21 inches high.
  • The American Bully comes in three different types that vary in weight. It can be anything between 13 and 23 inches high.
  • The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is between 24 and 38 pounds heavy and can be between 13 and 16 inches high.

What are the Physical Traits of the St. Bernard Pitbull Mix?

The St. Bernard Pitbull puppy will combine the traits of the working and terrier dog groups it comes from. However, the exact look of your mixed-bred pup will be hard to predict, as you can’t identify which traits will be more dominant than others.

In general, the resulting St. Bullnard dog will be slightly larger than a Pitbull but might not be as big as the St. Bernard. However, this won’t always be the case.

Both St. Bernards and Pitbulls are strong dogs with muscular bodies, so your mixed-bred pup will have the same strength.

The coat can be long, medium, or short, and the tail and hair on the ears will be longer in the case of a medium-length coat. Different puppies in the same litter might not look the same, as one of them might look more like one of its parents.

Weight and Height

The average weight of a St. Bernard is between 120 and 180 pounds, so a St. Bernard Pitbull mix will weigh around 160 pounds. That’s almost double the size of a Pitbull.

In most cases, the puppies will inherit the larger build of their St. Bernard parent. Combined with the aloof nature of the Pitbull, this gentle giant can be a little unpredictable. It might easily knock a child down, so you should always be careful.

If the puppy favors the Pitbull side, it would still be larger than a pure-bred Pitbull. However, it might weigh anything between 50 and 120 pounds, so it’s still a big dog.

The height of the St. Bernard Pitbull mix varies greatly depending on the height of its Pitbull parent. However, it’s usually between 20 and 27 inches high.

Coat and Color

St. Bernards and Pitbulls have quite different coats because of their origins. St. Bernards used to live in the mountains, so they have long fluffy coats. These coats keep them warm during long rescue missions in the harshest weather conditions. Pitbulls have shorter to medium-length coats that are easier to maintain.

In most cases, a St. Bullnard pooch will inherit the Pitbull’s coat. It can have a medium-length coat, which makes it easier to groom than the coat of the St. Bernard. However, the pup will have a short or long-haired coat in some rare cases.

Depending on the length of the coat, you can determine how regular you need to groom it. In general, it will require less grooming than a St. Bernard. If it has a shorter coat, it can be a good fit for people with allergies.

St. Bernards have a distinctive coat with a white patch on the chest, and your St. Bullnard pooch is likely to inherit this look. The overall color of the coat is hard to determine since Pitbulls’ coats come in a wide array of colors. A mixed-bred pup will have a brown, tan, blue, fawn, or brindle coat, depending on the look of the Pitbull parent.

How Does the St. Bernard Pitbull Mix Behave?


Having a dog that combines the personality traits of a St. Bernard and Pitbull is the main reason why breeders bred these two breeds in the first place.

The parents have different personality traits. So, the resulting pup could be a mix of the two or might favor one over the other, depending on which parent has stronger and more dominant genes.

Both dogs are intelligent and need a lot of stimulation, but they don’t behave the same.

In the same litter, you might have a pup that resembles its St. Bernard parent and another one that behaves more like a Pitbull. The only way to find out how exactly your puppy will turn out to be is to wait until it grows older.

St. Bullnards don’t feel well when left alone for extended periods, and they love being around their families. When neglected, they will be prone to digging, chewing, and other destructive behavioral patterns.


Pitbulls are easier to train than St. Bernards, but in general, both breeds aren’t that stubborn.

St. Bernards are known to be gentle and peaceful. They love playing with their family and relaxing on the couch. Pitbulls are a bit more active, but they have good ethics and will commit to your training routine.

If you get a St. Bernard Pitbull puppy, you should start to train it at a young age. An older dog will be a little bit more challenging to train, but it won’t be that stubborn.

Obedience training is highly required because of the size of the St. Bullnard. This dog might leap and jump to knock someone down without meaning to. Early socialization is also needed to make this dog accustomed to being around other people and pets.

Friendliness and Aggression

St. Bernards are known to be quite docile. They’re friendly, and they love meeting new people and playing with children. They might not be the perfect guard dogs because they’re too friendly, but they’re always aware of their surroundings.

Unlike the common misbelief, Pitbulls aren’t aggressive towards humans. It’s true that they were used to participate in bloody sports in the past, but they’re not aggressive by nature.

As a matter of fact, most biting incidents where a Pitbull was a culprit were either the result of an abusive owner or lack of training.

The St. Bullnard mix is likely to be super friendly and loving. It will be more alert than a St. Bernard, but a little bit more peaceful and easygoing than a Pitbull.

Energy Level

If the overly active nature of the Pitbull stresses you, you can go for a St. Bernard Pitbull mix because it will be more laid back. This dog will be welcoming like a St. Bernard, but it will love to play like a Pitbull.

When left alone or not provided with enough exercise or stimulation, the St. Bernard Pitbull dog can become quite aggressive. It’s important to schedule daily play and exercise sessions to keep this dog stimulated.

In general, a 45 to 60-minute daily session of brisk walks, indoor exercises, and jogs will be enough for your St. Bullnard if it’s more like a Pitbull. If your dog is more like a St. Bernard, then you should provide it with working out sessions at least two times per week.

Interactive toys are important for these smart dogs. They keep them entertained and stimulated, and they reduce the risk of destructive behavior.

Relationship With Family

The St. Bernard Pitbull dog loves to spend time with its family. Whether it’s cuddling on the sofa or playing outside, this is one dog that doesn’t like to be left alone.

With proper training and socialization, this dog will be quite affectionate and watchful of its family. It loves to play and will be a good guard dog, although not as good as a Pitbull.

Some neighborhoods and even countries prohibit the ownership of Pitbulls. So, you should make sure that you’re allowed to have a St. Bernard Pitbull mix before bringing one home.

Relationship With Children

Generally speaking, St. Bernard Pitbull dogs will be affectionate and loving. They prefer to play with their older owners but will become overly protective of the children in the family.

However, due to the large size of these animals, you should never leave toddlers and smaller children unsupervised with them. They can get overly affectionate and excited and easily injure a child without even meaning to.

Relationship With Other Pets

St. Bernards go well with other pets, but Pitbulls don’t. As a result, your St. Bernard Pitbull dog might not be the perfect fit for a home with other pets. However, early socialization and proper training might help.

The St. Bernard Pitbull Health Issues

close up St. Bernard

With more differences between the parents, there’s a smaller chance of passing hereditary diseases to mixed-bred puppies. Since St. Bernards and Pitbulls are quite different, the St. Bullnard mix is generally a healthy dog with few health issues.

However, there are some common diseases that your St. Bullnard might suffer from. These include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, allergies, epilepsy, and heart diseases. Epilepsy will be more common if your pup favors its St. Bernard parent.


The St. Bernard Pitbull needs access to highly nutritional-value food to satisfy its dietary needs. It’s a high-energy dog and usually has a big body, so you need to make sure that you’re providing it with enough proteins to keep it in good shape. Providing your St. Bullnard with probiotics is also crucial to maintain gut health.

Life Expectancy

The St. Bullnard dog is likely to live longer than most pure breeds. It will typically live longer than the reckless Pitbull, so you can expect it to live between 12 and 13 years.

Who is the St. Bernard Pitbull Mix For?

The St. Bernard Pitbull is an excellent dog for a busy household with active family members who love to run and play. It will keep older kids company and will watch over them. However, leaving it with toddlers without supervision is highly unrecommended.

This dog will have the protective and alert traits of the Pitbull with the calm and sweet nature of the St. Bernard. It can live in an apartment, as long as you provide it with regular play sessions where it gets to be active.

Wrap Up

Bred from two highly different breeds, the St. Bernard Pitbull mix can be quite unpredictable. In most cases, the nature of the resulting pup will be a mix of the docile and gentle nature of the St. Bernard and the alert and watchful nature of the Pitbull.

This dog is a great family companion and a decent guard dog. However, it needs regular stimulation and enough attention, so it can suffer from anxiety and engage in destructive behavioral patterns.

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