How To Stop Neighbor’s Dog From Peeing in My Yard

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Written by: Celestine Gomez
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Dog pee can be bothersome and unhygienic, especially when you are unsure of the animal’s condition that released the liquid into your yard.

We have heard several neighbors fighting because one of the party’s dogs had peed in the compound of the other homeowner. One of the concerns that such individuals have is how they can adequately prevent such happenings.

If you fall under that category, too, I am glad to share some of the best techniques to prevent your neighbor’s canine friend from urinating in your yard. Ensure you follow the information explained below to get a clear glimpse of the best steps.

The Different Techniques to Follow

Talk to the Dog’s Owner Personally

Talk to the Dog’s Owner Personally

There was a time when we lived in a crowded neighborhood, and almost everyone owned a pet. Some neighbors’ dogs would often come to my home and attend to the calls of nature in my backyard. The first thing we did was identify the owners and approach them politely.

It is crucial to understand how to effectively communicate with your neighbors to ensure you do not cause any trouble. Talking to the dog owners allows you to express your concerns.

They may already know it, but it would be wise to remind them of the trouble you go through cleaning your yard and the foul smell brought about by their dog’s urine in your backyard.

They can consider restricting their pet’s movements by leashing them, ensuring the fence has no open areas, and the gate is always closed.

Erect Reliable Fences

Erect Reliable Fences

A neighbor’s dog’s access to your yard may be your fault. We advise you to consider installing sturdy fences with no gaps whatsoever. Dogs barely climb fences and barriers, although some may be trained to jump over such installations. The best way to do it is to hire a fencing expert to help you with the installation.

A well-built gate can also play a critical role in keeping your neighbor’s canine pet out of your compound. However, having a gate is not enough if you do not consider closing it all the time. Closing the gate does not only keep the neighbors’ dogs away from your home but also prevents your dog from getting out and roaming the streets.

Losing a pet, especially a dog, can be traumatizing. Therefore, I like telling dog owners to mind their animals before getting concerned about the neighbor’s dog.

Consider an Ultrasonic Gadget

These devices are designed in a way that they produce loud sounds that deter animals from your compound. Fortunately, although these sounds are loud, human beings can hardly hear them. Therefore, do not worry about causing any disturbances from the ultrasonic prevention method.

In our company, we offer different advice regarding these devices. Ultrasonic appliances are many on the market, but not all are high-quality.

Some manufacturers advertise their gadgets as ultrasonic, but humans can hear the sound they produce. You should be sure that the product you purchase will not be harmful to you and will only play the role of deterring your neighbor’s dogs without hurting them.

Use Sprinklers

Use Sprinklers

Over the years, most of my clients have attested that sprinklers work effectively in keeping their neighbor’s pets and other animals away from their yards. The best option you have here is to purchase motion-triggered sprinklers. With such products, you will be killing two birds with one stone – deterring animals from the yard and watering your lawn.

The most outstanding benefit of motion-activated sprinklers is that they contribute so much to water saving, especially during these times when environmental care is crucial. Therefore, you will be playing a critical role in caring for the environment by saving water.

Additionally, such sprinklers save you time because the only duty you have is adjusting their line of sight to point at different parts of the yard.

When purchasing a motion-activated sprinkler, I advise you to consider some factors to ensure you take the right and best product home.

Install Security Cameras

Install Security Cameras

People’s behaviors are significantly altered when they realize you are watching them. This plays out well for dog walkers and neighbors who may be tempted to release their dogs on your lawn. Security cameras will help clear any issues that may arise when a neighbor’s dog enters your yard and does their business in it.

Additionally, you get to monitor other lawn areas and identify what is working and what is not. You can then devise a strategy on how to protect your lawn better. I was surprised to learn that even fake cameras can scare away dog owners, and they are a much cheaper option.

Neighborhood dogs with access to your yard do not only present the trouble of cleaning their pee and poop. Some may carry disease-causing agents, negatively affecting your family’s health.

You should ensure you keep these pets and other animals away from your compound by following the steps explained below. You can use one or more of the techniques above, depending on what you want to achieve.

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