Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet

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Written by: Celestine Gomez
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I’ve noticed that my bearded collie likes licking my feet. At first, I found this act odd. But then I started realizing that every dog has this habit. I also noticed that my dog licks me after I’ve had my morning walks. Sometimes even after stepping outside of the shower.

After researching this habit for months, I think I am in the best position to share some of my findings with you. 

Let’s dive in!

Why does your dog lick your feet?

Your new dog may be licking your feet for one of the two reasons: One, to get your undivided attention—two, to know you better. 

When a dog licks your feet, it senses where you have been, and what you have been doing.

 Dogs have a sense of smell of 10,000 to 100,000. So getting information about you through smell will be relatively easy for them.

Most dog owners wouldn’t mind an occasional lick on their feet. This habit only becomes a problem when the licks are constant, which some people may find rather uncomfortable.

Here are some reasons your dog licks your feet:

  • Your dog licks you to express submission.
  • Licks from your dog are also an act of self-soothing that releases endorphins.
  •  Some dogs lick you because they want to pass the time.
  • Your companion will do anything to express their affection, which includes licking your feet and face.
  • They lick you to remind you about the respect they have for you. 
  • Dogs may lick you because they want to play with you.

Dogs use Jacobson’s organ

Another reason your dog licks you is because it is driven by an organ known as the Jacobson organ. It is an organ that connects your dog’s nasal cavity to the roof of its mouth. The organ allows your dog to taste and smell simultaneously. 

The Jacobson also allows female dogs to lick their puppies to clean them off. As the puppies get older, they will also start licking people’s feet.

What can I do to stop my dog from licking my feet?

The easy way to stop your dog from licking you is by offering it something else. For example, you can stand up and pick up a toy, then toss it to your dog.

This trick will not always work though. Your dog may decide to continue licking you, especially if your dog is used to licking people’s feet. If you think you are struggling to break the habit, consider taking your dog to a vet to check if your pup does suffer any medical condition. 

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