Do Guinea Pigs Poop A Lot? [What Owners Should Expect]

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As fun as having a cavy friend may sound—it’s definitely not without its drawbacks. Guinea pigs have quite a strange pooping pattern. Most owners still have concerns about their guinea pig’s pooping habits and it is worth understanding what’s normal and abnormal.

Do guinea pigs poop a lot? Is it actually something to be concerned about? The simple answer is yes. Guinea pigs poop a lot. However, the amount and the frequency of the poop can vary individually depending on their size, age, activity level, body mass and how often they feed.

So, excessive pooping in guinea pigs is very normal and should not be seen as a sign of any health problem. The only time you should be a bit worried is when pooping is less than normal. The nature of their droppings is also a good way to tell whether something has gone wrong.

The section below talks more about their pooping frequency, factors affecting their pooping pattern and more.

How often do guinea pigs poop?


Naturally, guinea pigs poop a lot throughout the day and it’s quite difficult to know the exact number of times they poop. Also, you will have to factor in the individual differences to be sure of what to expect.

On average, the guinea pigs poop about 100 times each day. It could be a little less or more but one thing to bear in mind is that guinea pigs that eat continuously or take a higher amount of fiber-rich diets will certainly poop more often.

It is very important to be aware of guinea pig’s pooping habit especially if you are planning on adopting one so it doesn’t eventually come as a surprise.

Why do guinea pigs poop so much?

Always cleaning out poop is not an interesting routine especially if you have more than one of those piggies. The question is – why do these little guys poop so much?

Well, the main reason why guinea pigs poop so much is that their GI tract just like other rodents is structured to digest food materials at a fast rate.

A group of researchers carried out a study on different rodents including rabbits, hamsters, rats and guinea pigs. It was discovered that amongst all, guinea pigs digest organic materials and fibers at the most efficient rate.

So, it is rather clear that guinea pigs poop more than their rodent counterparts. Moreover, If you consider the fact that guinea pigs are grazers by nature and enjoy eating whenever they can, why they poop so much should be well understood.

Though they usually do not overeat, be mindful of the portions you serve them daily.

I guess now having an ace up your sleeve would be a good idea since getting rid of your cavy’s poop can be so stressful and time-consuming. You may want to buy the idea of getting a hand-held vacuum so you can clean up their mess more efficiently and even before they begin to smell.

Factors that affect the pooping pattern or frequency in guinea pigs

Although, guinea pigs usually do not overeat, how much they eat is the major factor that will certainly affect the overall output at the end of the day. If your cavies eat a small amount of food all through the day, the rule of thumb is that he will poop less.

Provided that how much they feed is constant, other factors that can influence guinea pig’s pooping habits include their body mass, age and exercise levels.

While your piggies spend a long time playing with one another especially when outside their cage, their body will try to recover the lost energy much faster by increasing the rate of digestion, absorption of nutrients and metabolism.

Sometimes, pooping in guinea pigs can be triggered by a number of physiological activities when they are scared or just find themselves in an adverse condition.

How to stop guinea pigs from pooping everywhere

Because of their natural tendency to poop any time they feel the urge to, it is hard to stop your guinea pigs from pooping everywhere.

The easiest option will be obviously leaving them inside the cage all day long. If you want your guinea pig to have a walk outside the cage or have a cool playtime without confinement then expect them to poop in between these activities.

Litter training your guinea pigs can come in handy and while this may seem demanding and unachievable at first, if you are a consistent owner you will eventually get those little guys to poop at the same spot every time.

If you don’t want to take this route, why not get yourself a hand-held electric vacuum cleaner at an affordable price on amazon to help clear out your guinea pigs poop quickly.

Whilst using a vacuum is an efficient way to clean out poop, your guinea pigs will bond well with you if you spend more time touching and petting them while the cleaning is going on.


Does guinea pig poop smell?

A normal poop from a healthy guinea pig has a uniform shape and consistency. It does not have any sort of bad odor. But in cases of parasitic infestation, there may be stooling or changes in shape and color of their feces.

Do Guinea Pigs Poop on people?

Yes, this is one thing you cannot avoid if you own a guinea pig. You may want to get a towel and place it on your laps while holding them. It’s natural for cavies to poop everywhere though litter training has a chance of improve their pooping habits.

Do guinea pigs poop when they are scared?

Guinea pigs poop all the time or just when they feel the urge to do so. But in some circumstances, being scared can be a stimulus for bowel emptying elicited by a number of physiological activities in their body.

Why do guinea pigs poop where they sleep?

Guinea pigs have no particular preference for where they poop. They just happen to poop where they spend longer time—in this case, where they sleep.

How do I remove Guinea pig poop stuck in bum?

Impaction occurs more often in older guinea pigs. You can easily help your guinea pigs discharge poop stuck in their anus by gently pressing around the anus. First, you need to put on gloves and place your guinea pig in a towel. Then, apply water and olive oil while expressing the fecal materials. In severe cases, do not hesitate to consult your vet.

Final Thoughts: Do Guinea Pigs Poop A Lot?

Guinea pigs are good pets to have. They are highly social to interact with and have a swift body language that can be awe-inspiring to watch.

As good as that may sound, but yes, guinea pigs poop very often by nature. They have a fast metabolism hence digestion of food and expulsion of fecal matter happens a lot quicker. If your cavies poop less frequently or very small amount while feeding normally, it may be a sign of decreased gastrointestinal motility. Your vet is the surest solution in this case.

it’s important to understand your pet’s behavior to determine what’s best for them.

Just in case you plan steer the potty training course, you mustn’t give up because with time and enough effort your piggies will soon become the next potty box pro.

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