Furminator for Cats: Do I Need One?

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You may or may not know what a furminator for cats is. The other question that’s probably floating around in your head is do I need one. The short answer is yes, especially during your cat’s shedding season.

The last situation you want is your home, carpets, and furniture covered in pet fur. You want your home and cat to be neat and well-kept. Learn more about the furminator for cats, what it is, and how it works so you can understand for yourself all the reasons why you need one.

Furminator for Cats

Furminator for Cats

Cats don’t typically remain still for long periods. Therefore, you may find the process of removing their hair and undercoat a bit tricky. Your house cat may run from you or be nervous since the pulling of their fur and untangling it can be a bit unpleasant.

One solution is to invest in a furminator for your cat which is a type of tool or comb that has a trimmer with a comb-shaped blade and rubberized handle.

You can use a furminator for your cat to ease the combing process a bit as you work on deshedding your pet. It was invented by groomers with the pet owner in mind.

How it Works

The teeth of the comb are spaced just so that you can successfully comb your cat’s fur without pulling and tugging. You can effectively remove unwanted hair without having to cut or yank it out. The best part is that this tool won’t damage your cat’s fur and at the same time removes dead undercoat and hair.

You’ll not only be able to remove dead hair but also reduce the amount of hair that usually comes with shedding season. As you brush, you’ll also be spreading out the sebum which works to protect your cat from dust, overheating, and the cold, as well as parasites.

The Benefits

There are several benefits you’ll gain from using the furminator for your cat. For instance, you’ll be able to remove the majority of the dead undercoat when you use it a few times per month during their shedding season. After the first combing, you’ll notice a positive change in your home and in your cat’s fur.

You’ll love the way your home looks as there won’t be as much fur sitting and flying around and your cat will be less itchy. It’s a painless way to remove unwanted hair and get your cat looking its best. Most cats won’t mind you using this tool on them.

Another advantage of investing in this tool for your cat is that you can remove hair that they might otherwise lick away and swallow.

Swallowing a lot of hair can cause intestinal and stomach issues long-term. Furthermore, you can avoid your cat having matted-down hair which otherwise would need to be removed professionally by a groomer.

Most importantly, you’re likely to notice that the quality and texture of your cat’s hair improve. Your cat is going to be nicely groomed and will look great.

Choosing A Furminator

Choosing A Furminator

You may also be curious to know how to choose a furminator for your cat. Start by taking your cat’s size into account and weighing your pet. Next, look over your cat’s length of hair and consider this aspect as well as you try to find the right tool. The packaging will be marked differently for long-haired versus short-haired cats and the teeth length of the furminator will differ.

Consider if you prefer your furminator to have a button you push to get rid of the combed hair or if you don’t mind cleaning the tool yourself.

The handles of the furminators vary as well so make sure you buy one that’s comfortable for you to grasp and hold onto. You don’t want it too short or to not fit right in your hands. It’s possible that if you have other pets at your home such as dogs or guinea pigs that you’ll want to use it on them too.

In Summary

You now have a better idea of what a furminator for cats is and how it works. If you have a cat then it is in your best interest to get one so you can keep your cat properly groomed and unwanted hair from being in and around your home.

Besides the shedding season when you’ll use it more often, consider using it once a month during the off-season too. Not all cats require a furminator, such as those without hair or those that rarely shed, then you can use an ordinary brush.

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